Hi everyone!

I’m planning to post frequently and I want to post things that are not game reviews from time to time. That’s why I’ve decided to do a weekly post about what I’m playing/reading/watching. Hopefully, it will allow you guys (As my readers) understand me and what I enjoy, I also get some experience blogging.

This week I’ve actually been playing a lot of games that I’ve been dying in. Unfortunately, that means I’ve not read much this week, but more game time never hurts.


My main focus this week has been Hollow Knight and if you’ve played this game you know how frustrating it can be! The best way to describe the game would be a 2D Dark Souls, full of bugs, no literally you play in a world of bugs. The game is fantastic and itches a scratch that I’ve been had since The Binding of Isaac, difficulty. I enjoy difficult games combined and with a new passion for platformers, Hollow Knight is perfect for me.

Also, Hollow Knight has given me a character design that I truly love, enter Hornet. Whilst being a difficult fight I couldn’t help but admire her design and attacks. The boss fight was quite difficult and served as the perfect foreshadowing to all of my deaths, but I don’t know why I just love the character, I mean look at her.


Now I haven’t figured out the story too much with her, but you seem to follow her throughout the story so I’m assuming that the game will dive deep into her character development.

I’ve really been enjoying Hollow Knight, but like I said it is quite frustrating. I’ve needed something a little lighter to switch to when things get rough. Unfortunately, the other game I’ve been hooked on doesn’t provide light gameplay but kills me constantly again and again.


Darkest Dungeon is a Roguelike RPG that uses turn-based combat. It’s very interesting and incredibly hard to master. I’ve not played too much maybe around ten hours, but I’ve quickly learned that you have to pay attention to everything that’s happening. I’m particularly in love with its unique gothic artwork and I find myself lost in the art a lot.

I haven’t got much to say right now because I’m fairly new to the game, but it is very in depth and requires you to take time to learn the mechanics.

Lastly, I suppose I’ve not been playing as much as I’ve been watching. I’ve been watching my wife play through Telltales The walking dead season 3, we have both had this game waiting to be played for a while and honestly I can’t remember why we left it. Telltale has done an amazing job developing Clementine’s character and I can’t help but feel bad for her with everything she has gone through. Telltale has just released season 4 so we are trying to get through this to be ready for the final game that we get with Clementine.

We’ve finished chapter 4 now and in classic telltale fashion, everything has gone wrong. I’ve learned not to like any one character too much because Telltale likes to take them away brutally.

So, that’s been my week. What have you guys been up too? have you played any of these games? did you enjoy them? Anything you’re excited for next week?

Until next week, take it easy!


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