Sigh… Princess Peach has been kidnapped again…

When I eventually broke and bought my Switch last month, I had to buy a Mario game to complement my prized possession. When the story eventually kicks off, Peach is kidnapped by Bowser, your hat damaged beyond repair and you’re launched to the Cap Kingdom. Here you meet your future companion, Cappy, whose sister has also been kidnapped by Bowser.


Cappy has a number of abilities, that will help you through your adventure. The main abiltity, is that he can possess the new and wonderful creatures, offering further abilities. These new abilities can help you through the treacherous and ever-changing, landscapes of Mario: Odyssey. So my advice just keep throwing Cappy. Other include; new double jump, rip poles out of the floor, but they’re not nearly as interesting.

You stumble upon your new ship in the Cap Kingdom, The Odyssey. It’s basically a hippie van in the shape of an air balloon. You have to complete a number of activities and puzzles, in order to earn moons, to power your ship and fly to new kingdoms. Don’t forget to collect the unique coins, which can unlock new stickers and trinkets for your ship (See what I mean about the hippie van).

Each kingdoms offers a range of new enemies, residents, problems to encounter and new Gumba hats. My favourite part of this game (Nostalgia alert), is the throwback to the classic 8-bit games. Even certain 3-D puzzle could be considered classic platforms, as you jump and duck your way out of trouble. The game even goes as far to offer 8-bit Mario puzzles to solve to earn your shiny Moon.


Mario also shows how to do boss battles, as you progress you fight a number of bossess, including The Broodals, Bowser and some other new creatures. Each with their own challenge to beat and sometimes given you barely anytime to figure it out.

However, one complaint I do have about this game. Dying is benefical. Each time you die, you lose 10 coins, but the coins that you previously collected respawn when you do. Now I understand this is a childrens’ game. But we’re in an age, where a number of AAA games are just too easy and this makes no exception. There is some challenge, but when you can continually die, collect all the coins and go and buy a new suit, there’s no reward for succeeding, rather a reward for failing. There’s the small thing, you may lose some progression towards the goal, but there’s more money. Surely, you should be rewarded more for succeeding the first time round?

On a more positive note, this game is one of the most fun games I have played in a while. As one of the first games on the Switch I bought, it truly shows what the console has to offer and I’m well excited to dig into more games and even complete the post-game of Mario. It’s one of those games, that keeps you invested simply because it’s fun to play, not to complicated, just simple fun.

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