Hi everyone!

This week has been a little slow, been working a lot so haven’t had too much time to game.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t gamed at all…

This week I’ve been slugging on a bit with Hollow Knight. I’m still dying a lot, but persistence is key I suppose. I’ve beaten The Dung Defender this week and although it wasn’t a difficult fight It was one of my favourites, he is as you would imagine, a Dung Beetle. Yes, he throws dung at you. But he’s such a happy sounding character that I couldn’t help loving him.


I think I’m getting quite close to the end of Hollow Knight now, I’m not sure I can say I’m happy about. The game is wonderful and I can not wait to start my review of it!

Other than that I’ve been playing a little Sea Of Thieves with Lloyd, returning to it was pretty fun to see the things they’ve added. Whilst I would have hoped more would have been added by now, the game certainly is fleshing out and still provides hours of fun (If you play with the right people). The game certainly relies on you to make your own fun as its lacking a little, but the sandbox feel just allows you to have complete control of your story. Our ship sank, rather quickly (There was an altercation with a chicken and a barrel of gunpowder, sorry Lloyd).


Also, I’ve started Mario Odyssey. It’s surprisingly fun, whilst I’ve been playing a lot of difficult games lately its fun to play something for sheer enjoyment. Mario Odyssey really reminds me of Mario 64 and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the enjoyment that I’m getting from the game, or maybe its just the bright colours that remind me so much of Mario when I was younger.

But on the reading side, whilst I’ve not been reading any books, I have been listening to Audible. In particularly Yahtzee Crawshaw’s Differently Morphious and I’m having a blast with it. It’s actually really funny, well thought out and provides some ridiculous moments. If you enjoy magic and ridiculous moments, I would highly recommend you get this on audible, Crawshaw narrates each character perfectly and it’s very easy to get lost in the magic.

The Nindies also was something that I paid close attention to this week, with games like Slay the Spire, Hyper Light Drifter: special edition and Undertale leading the charge for me. It’s wonderful to see Nintendo put so much support towards the indie scene, It really solidifies the Switch as a must-have console.

What have you been playing this week? Did you see anything you liked at the Nindies? If so let me know! Thanks for reading!


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