Hello everyone!

This week I bought Dead Cells and I’m really enjoying it, it seems it’s platformer season for me this month and I’m loving it. Dead Cells is a roguelike action platformer that’s taking the gaming world by storm at the moment. It’s difficult and rewarding which are two things I love in a game, the fighting and movement within the game are so fluid and lead to some awesome moments.

Surprise surprise, I’ve been playing a hell of a lot of Hollow Knight, I just can’t put it down. I’m finding that the game is very fulfilling, the background and subtle hints to the story are making revisit areas and look for more bits of lore. I’m getting a lot better too, finally cementing my playstyle and I cannot express how fluid it makes boss fights. I keep falling in love with the boss designs within the game and I really would like to explore more Metroidvanias because of it, if you’ve played some good ones which would you recommend?

Finally this week, I’ve been spending a little time of the seas with Lloyd, its still a pretty barren game but it’s getting there and is most certainly fun! We’ve been just trying to hunt other pirates down and fight them, we are both really clumsy and mess up way more than your average drunken pirate, but it allows other pirates to drop their guard a little and we can surprise them.

Short post this week as it’s really been a repeat of last week, it’s also been a pretty hectic week for me personally.

What are you guys playing? Anything that has you hooked? Let me know!

Thank you,


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