Ahhhh Slimes! But they’re not trying to kill you…

It’s a bit weird playing a game in which a slime is not one of the normal enemies, It seems like almost any RPG or Adventure game starts off with you practising your killing skills on low-level slimes. But slime ranger you can befriend them, feed them and sell their faeces…. yes…. sell their poo or Plorts as the game calls it.

“1,000 light years away from earth,

on a planet known as ‘The Far, Far Range,’

Beatrix Lebeau begins her first day as a slime rancher.”

Meet Beatrix LeBeau, your protagonist who has decided to move far from earth to ‘The Far, Far Range’ and attempt to become a Slime Rancher. The game starts you off with a basic tutorial which covers all the things that you need to know, movement and how your gun works. Your gun is the method that you vacuum and collect slimes, food, plorts and anything else that you need in the game.

The game’s progression is based off money, you sell plorts and upgrade your ranch to progress. Your ranch can be upgraded in many different ways; you can upgrade the Corrals you keep your slimes in, unlock new areas of your farm, get upgrades for your self and much more.

Another form of progression in the game comes to us through Gordo slimes, which you literally feed until they explode, you kill them… so… I suppose you want to kill some slimes within the game. Once “killed” or fully fed, the slimes will explode giving you a teleporter to help you around the map or a slime key which will unlock new areas and slimes. The new areas in the game boast a fantastic difference in scenery, slimes and unlockables, each time you find a new area I’m sure you will find another way to make money from its inhabitants.

The game does have an economy, in which the value of different parts will rise and fall. Luckily you can store plorts and wait to sell them on good days, it’s a very basic system but can reward those who chose to play smart. Although, through my playthrough, I didn’t pay attention to this too much and I probably would have seen a difference but once the ball starts rolling it’s hard to keep track of everything.


The game’s artwork is truly adorable and it fits the nature of a game, everything’s fun and happy. It does everything to suck you in and effectively snowballs you with responsibilities and things to do meaning that you never stop and are constantly out looking for new slimes and food.

As for replayability, there is some. The game has a challenge mode which restricts you to a certain number of days, you are challenged to make as much money as you possibly can in the time frame given. It is challenging and can be fun to compare with your friends and boast about being the best Slime Rancher.

Slime rancher is a relaxing experience which is something that you will enjoy to kill time, you can spend a lot of time playing but I find personally that it’s a good game to wind down to, the music is relaxing as is the gameplay.

Personal Rating – 7/10

I recommend Slime Rancher if you’re looking to relax and take it easy. It went under the radar for me and it may have changed my opinions on slimes… for now…

Thanks for reading,


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