Hi everyone,

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly and I’m really starting to enjoy blogging again. I’m also enjoying games again, I had a period where I was getting a lot more out of reading than I was gaming. But I’ve been playing a lot more lately and I’m starting to feel a lot better, seems gaming is actually good for you!


I’ve been playing more Binding of Isaac lately, on the Switch, with my wife. It’s easily our favorite game, It’s difficult and always different on each run. Isaac is one of the only games I can keep playing for hours on end and not get bored, frustrated… but not bored. It’s also fun to play with my wife, whilst it’s not strictly two player, we like to have a game each. It’s interesting to see the difference in our styles of play, Laurens really calculated and wins a lot more because of it. I on the other hand… take stupid risks to try and become overpowered all the time… it doesn’t work much.

Have any of you played BOI yet? how much of the game have you beaten if so? I’m yet to beat Delirium, but my wife has already… on a rerun… so do we really count it? (She does haha)

I have also started playing the remastered version of Batman: Arkham Asylum, it was a game i really enjoyed on the 360. I’m enjoying the game, but I’ve also come to the conclusion that Batman is only enjoyable to me because of the villains. Joker, for obvious reasons. But i really like the concept of Scarecrow and The Riddler, they’re just really interesting for me and really make the game enjoyable. I always enjoy when a villain can mess with the hero mentally instead of physically, being on the same level as your nemesis physically is great, but outwitting them? sounds better to me.


Plus the Pokemon reveal this week got me playing Pokemon Lets Go Eevee a little again, I don’t know… I’m just bored on the Generation one Pokemon. It seems lately… especially with Pokemon day tuesday… just getting bored of them.

But thats my week, how’s yours been? What have you guys been playing?



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