Hi everyone!

It’s been a busy week with my dissertation proposal on the horizon and other assignments just randomly appearing, A wild assignment has appeared!

So I’ve not gamed too much, but I have been playing more Spyro as it is quite relaxing. I’ve 120% Spyro the Dragon, which was actually quite easy. The flying missions are still a pain but it’s nothing to what the next games got in store, I know that for a fact… god damn skateboarding missions….


But Spyro Ripto’s Revenge is a bit of a personal game for me, with a bit of a back story. Involving a lack of memory card for my playstation and keeping it on for a few days straight to get to the end, oh… also my sister stood on the reset button when I was on the last level… safe to say I’ve never actually finished the game! (I’m not crying…)

I’ve also restarted Moonlighter by Digital Sun, which is a game where you run a shop. But you have to get the items to sell, in dangerous dungeons. It’s a fun spin on the classic action adventure game where you have to balance your loot, to sell or to upgrade yourself. It brings some interesting mechanics into the game, whilst the story is okay, the game is fun and engaging.


I’ve also spent a lot of time watching Brooklyn 99, season 5 has just come to UK Netflix and it’s magical. I can’t seriously think of a bad episode, props to the writers the show really does one liners and keeps you engaged at all times. I’m studying Creative Writing and script writing is on the course, it’s something that I’ve taken a huge interest in and have been writing loads of my own scripts. I’ve started to admire scripts, in video games, movies and T.V.

But that has been my week, how has your week been? Been too busy to play games? or have you played loads?

Thanks again,

Squigz 🙂

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