As you probably know, both of us at Uncapt love Pokemon, the main games have been a staple in our lives and I don’t think either of us would change that. Pokemon has announced that on the 5th of June they will be releasing information on Pokemon Sword and Shield, but they also announced a Press Conference. I stayed up to watch, in hopes of a new game, or Pokemon Snap finally getting a remake or sequel. But I wasn’t expecting Pokemon to the ones to help me with my rubbish sleeping pattern…


I’m a little confused… a Pokemon game that will help you sleep?

There were a few things brought up at the conference including; new pokemon centres, games being released in China, Shirts featuring the original 151 (They actually look nice), a new mobile game and Pokemon Sleep…

Whereas Pokemon Go wants you to explore the world, making people more active, Pokemon have decided that they want to help people focus on their rest. Seems innocent and good for the most part, we already use things like Fitbits and such to monitor our sleeping patterns, so I suppose it just turns that into a game? I don’t know it seems strange to me, maybe it will benefit people who don’t tend to sleep much?

I personally can see there being a hype over this, people sleep right? well… most people do (I’m typing this at almost 03.00am). So maybe the initial hype will help people get regular sleep, They will see it as a novelty at first. Then maybe after the initial hype and the game has died down, people will stay in a pattern of getting a healthy amount of sleep?

But where does this end? How much of our lives do pokemon want to regulate… what is next, Pokemon Pints? Where you collect Pokemon based on how many pints you can drink? (I’m a lightweight, so I wouldn’t be doing too well)

But what do you guys think? I’m sure this will turn into a meme within the next few days, but could there be potential?


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