During the Nintendo tree house live stream at E3 we got to see some game play from the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield and it looks great! However, game producer Junichi Masuda has confirmed that not every Pokemon will be included within the game, confirming that the National Dex will not be in the game. The reason being is that this game pushes the total number of Pokemon to 1,000 plus, it complicates things, plus I suppose it stops there being a focus on the newer Pokemon if there are hundreds of other Pokemon surrounding them. Obviously, fans are furious that they will not be able to catch them all, but I’m more interested than annoyed…

The motto changes from “Gotta Catch Them All” to “Gotta Catch a Few” (Sigh, that was an awful joke), but as funny as that motto has become, it has really upset a lot of people. For me, I don’t have much interest in “Catching Them All” but I will give it a decent effort as I normally catch each new Pokemon I see. The only thing for me is who are they going to cut? Because my one hope is that they don’t go easy on generation one… not sure about anyone else but I’m getting a bit bored of the “Originals” and hope they do not get immunity from the purge.

I do however understand the point that there will be over 1000 Pokemon, so they can put a lot of attention on the newer Pokemon and the ones within the game. For me, I tend to use the same few Pokemon on my playthroughs (Ninetails, Altaria, Slyveon are ones that frequent my team), so it may force me to use different Pokemon? I understand however that this is a real pain for the competitive scene, whilst I do not have to much insider knowledge to it, I imagine this will be a pain for any players that have taken time to train and breed competitively viable Pokemon… all that work lost?

But we have currently no information as to what they will do, all evidence suggest that they wont be putting any more Pokemon in post patch. But I think that’s exciting if they do put Pokemon in post launch, they could maybe do a weekly rotation with the Wild area that they have? add new Pokemon in every now and again, that would get players returning to see if their favourites have been added?

Dynamax Pokemon battling it out… I’m just not sure about it.

Also, they’ve removed Mega Evolution and Z-Moves, which if the only replacement is Dynamax Pokemon… I’m not impressed… I really do not think that Dynamax is that good of a system… I’m not too hyped for four player battles, but it’s cool. I hope Dynamax proves me wrong, but I do not like the look of it right now. I mean, they just get bigger and stronger? meh, I would prefer new Mega Evolutions or Z-moves, they provided more things to collect.

Overall I think it is a bad idea if they do not have any post launch plans, but it’s all in GameFreaks corner, so we will just have to wait and see. What do you guys think?

Please do not cut Altaria… I beg you!




  1. It’s a little bit unfortunate that not *all* Pokemon will be included, but speaking as a massive fan, I really don’t think its that big of a deal – just new Pokemon to try out, and get attached to. When they released Sun/Moon there was a stipulation for competitive that the mons on your team had to be bred in those games – transfers from earlier games wouldn’t be allowed. So in terms of competitive, I think (while transferring others may save some breeding time) it won’t be too bad either. I agree with the Dynamax aspect – I would have preferred they added/kept Megas I think. Anyway I’ll stop rambling – great write up! Can’t wait for these games!

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    • I agree, I’m not sure it’s going to affect the game that much and I cant wait to get attached to the new mons.
      Also I’m glad I’m not the only one that prefers megas! Thank you! 😁

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  2. The issue is there’s been this precedence for many years of being able to nurture your long term collection between games and suddenly that’s ripped away. People expect it. The main reason Game Freak Gabe was that they needed to focus on animation quality and stuff instead, but those things look like normal, not anything special. There’s no reason they can’t do DLC to introduce the National dex later. It’s not like Nintendo isn’t drowning in profit or anything. Lol

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