The sunshine blogger award challenge

Hi everyone! I’ve been nominated for my first Sunshine Blogger Award nomination from Meghan Plays Games, firstly huge thanks to Meghan for the nomination. Go check her blog out, she writes some really interesting posts, one of my favourite being her post comparing Dark Souls and Sekiro, it’s an interesting read.

There were some really interesting questions and I hope the questions I ask to my nominations are as interesting, So let’s jump into Meghan’s questions;

Favourite female character in a video game, and why?

Wow, I really do not want to cop out on my first question but… I am going to have to pick two here… I apologise! But it is too hard to eliminate either of them.



Clementine will remember that. I think it is the personal connection that we develop with Clementine over the games we have with her. I have not played the final season yet, so, please… no spoilers! But I can comment on what I have seen. Clementine starts as well… a scared young girl, as you would imagine young child to be during a zombie apocalypse. But because of key figures in her life mainly Lee and Kenny, we see her develop into this just badass zombie killing machine, who for clear reasons, struggles to trust people.

Season three was particularly interesting because Clementine is not the main character. Unlike season 2 where the focus was for Clementine to gain the courage and strength she needs to survive, we get to see her end result of growing up from an outside perspective. It is incredible to finally see Clementine as a help, not as she was in season one where we had to constantly protect her.

Amicia. (A Plague tale: Innocence).


I have not yet finished A Plague Tale: Innocence, mainly because it is a game that my wife and I are experiencing together, so finding time for us to play it can be a challenge. But Amicia has cemented herself as one of, if not, my favourite characters in video games, mainly because of how human she is. When Amicia murders for the first time to protect her brother, shortly after they arrive at a church, the first thing she and her brother do is light a candle for their parents that they have just lost. Amicia then apologises to, well, God for the murder she has committed. She is not a stone-cold killer, just a child put in a really bad situation… I mean as far as bad situations go; running from the Inquisition, swarms of murderous rats and also through war during the black plague… that is pretty bad for a child. There is a commitment to keeping Amicia, as the title suggests, innocent. She has to kill or do bad things to get herself and her brother, Hugo, to safety… but she is still a child and the game does its best to convey that.

Game you loved but feel like no one else remembers, or is really underrated?

This is a weird one, I can only ask around my friend group and no one seems to remember Monster Hunter Stories, it was a break from the traditional Monster Hunter style game. Using the characters and monsters from the Monster Hunter Series, Capcom decided to release a turn-based game that focused on a village of people who worked with monsters and did not hunt them, taking you through a story full of friendship, heart-ache and danger, it was a welcome break from the regular games.

A game whose ending you felt was really disappointing? Why?

Possibly Batman Arkham Asylum, mainly because of how weird it got with The Joker at the end. He just straight up turns himself into a giant monster and the fight itself just felt repetitive, it felt like it didn’t offer anything new. But what really got me was after you’ve defeated him… he’s back to normal… Joker’s bones were literally sticking out of him when he used Titan, I thought that was pretty stupid and lacked consequence.

Favourite indie game? Why?


This is difficult, I have played so many Indie games and many of them will rank among some of my favourite games ever. As much as I want to tell you all about how Stardew Valley is one of my favourite games and how I love it so much I could start a new game right now and forget about what I am doing… I owe so much of my love for indie games to The Binding of Isaac. I found Isaac about four years ago, at a time when I was getting bored with the regular release of Call of Duty and how AAA games were the only ones on my hard drive. I found Isaac, it was a completely different pace for me, back in a time where I valued graphics over content… I know… It was a hard pill to swallow, my friends at the time were on the Dark Souls hype train and I just couldn’t get along with the game, Isaac was my diamond in the rust. It was different and difficult but it also rewarded you, it never felt like I was being just beaten constantly but never like the game was holding my hand.

If a friend who wasn’t a gamer asked you for a sort of ‘first game’ recommendation, what would you suggest, and why? Let’s say they are open to all platforms and all genres.

If there is a game that shows both the creativity and the excitement of exploring a new world, well that would be Minecraft. As much as it has turned into a meme, it’s still played by so many people and that’s because it is so accessible. Everyone from young to old can play Minecraft and find some type of enjoyment from it.

What game would you credit with sparking your love for gaming, and what about it was so special?

This is the question that I have spent the most time pondering over. Firstly, I thought “Oh that is easy, Pokemon, I have played every game and enjoyed each and every one of them”. But the more that I have thought and replayed my memories of games from a child, I would still love to say Pokemon, but all it did was confirm that I loved… well… Pokemon.

The game that truly sparked my love for gaming was Dynasty Warriors, I, however, couldn’t tell you which game in particular, but the series just opened my eyes to the things I could do within video games. I stated in a recent post “Video Games that Help Ground me”, that Dynasty Warriors was a magical experience, as a small child, I could be one of the most powerful warriors ever, defeating thousands of warriors and standing toe-to-toe with Lu Bu. As a small child (I mean small… I was a really tiny kid) in Wales, I could elsewhere be a legend.

Favourite, or most memorable video game villain?

handsome jack
You’re a bandit and I AM THE GODDAMN HERO – Handsome Jack.

Handsome Jack, I mean who else could be more memorable? I think the reason that he is so high on everyone’s favourite boss list, is because… well he’s a dick. Instead of being a boss that shows up at the end of the game for a climactic battle, he is constantly trying to get you angry and push your buttons. The infamous ‘Butt-Stallion’ story is one that will stay with me forever. But what pushes him from the rubble is the fact that he can be argued to be the hero of the story as well, but that is a story for another blog post.

What are your personal thoughts/opinions on video games as ‘live services’? Do you think this is the path video games will take in future?

I dislike it, it has become an escape for failed projects… which should be a good thing… but the way people cheers Fallout 76 finally getting NPCs… things that should be in the game from the beginning… I don’t know… it irritates me. But it’s not different to what we’ve had in the past, with DLC’s and Season Passes giving you the full game over time (Destiny), it’s not much different… it just has a different name. Anthem and Fallout 76 have been the biggest criticisms as to why live service games are just another AAA farce, but there are positives, games that didn’t have a successful start are now building huge fan bases and becoming great within themselves, Rainbow Six Siege being one of those.

So, whilst it can help some games, I just don’t think it is worth it. Mainly because AAA titles have used the live service method to give you the full game over time (and for more money). When you should have had the full game at purchase, if the goal was to actually add things in that will make the game fresh, yes! But that’s not what’s happening and there will be a new name for it soon… whether its more like season passes or day one DLC or exclusivity… who knows.

Most memorable side quest/NPC questline in a video game?

Ray ray

The ending to Omega Ruby & Alpha Saphire, specifically the Delta episode which happens directly after the main story. Looking for a way to stop a meteor crashing into earth, you must find Rayquaza and ask for help. Pokemon Emerald is my favourite Pokemon game and Rayquaza is part of that experience, so getting a story-line based around it was incredible. Instead of being a random dragon that you find in Sky Pillar, Rayquaza is now critical in saving the world and for a space dragon… that seems like a fitting story.

Some video games, due to their popularity or following, are considered above criticism. Is there a problematic element, or something that really bothered you in a title that has received universal acclaim? Give me your unpopular opinions!

You know, I really did not like Octopath Traveller, it was a beautiful and story rich game that I just found… boring. The story of Each character is actually interesting on their own, but when mixed, they don’t really make sense. One character will have to rescue her mentor, someone that has taught her everything she knows and she must save him quickly, as we do not understand the danger he is in. But come along and ask her to help you do something else and “Yeah sure, my problems don’t matter right now, let’s go”… Maybe I need to give it another chance. I was actually excited for it when it came out, but it quickly (Ironically with how slow the game is), turned into a game that I could not wait to switch off.

Let’s say you have to make a playlist of songs for a particular video game character – songs that represent who they are. Choose any character, and list at least 1 song that you feel would be on their playlist. Any musical genre, no limitations!

This was actually so much fun, so okay… Claptrap, I have two songs that I think would be on any of claptraps playlists and they are;

  1. They See me rolling
  2. Gangstas Paradise

Just imagine, Claptrap roaming around calling you his “Minion” blasting them songs from a boom box, it would be glorious.

Now for my own questions;

  1. If you could interview any character from a video-game who would it be? and why?
  2. Do you have a favourite video-game developer? If so who?
  3. Film to game adaptations are normally bad, but do you have any favourite “movie” Video-Games?
  4. In terms of transformative media, are there any books, films or t.v shows that you would like to see as a game?
  5. Which game would you like to see a movie adaptation of?
  6. Couch co-op is a dying breed, which was your favourite game that you played split screen if you have any?
  7. What is your favourite series of games?
  8. What is your favourite setting within a game? (e.g Post-apocalyptic, future).
  9. As we are over halfway through the year, what’s been the standout game you’ve played this year? (Released this year).
  10. Which boss fights make you nervous? (Even if you have beaten them before because you know the fight just sucks.)
  11. Thanos (Marvel) is attacking again, the Avengers are away. You need to form a team with three video game characters… who do you assemble?

Now a lot of the bloggers that I wanted to tag for this have already been tagged, so my list is a little low, simply to save my favourite bloggers the time of answering hundreds of questions. So if you haven’t got the time, don’t stress and if you’ve been nominated recently, don’t feel obliged to respond if you can’t 😀

Now for my nominations;

The Black Log Crusader


Adventure rules

Time To Loot

The Hannie Corner

Kim at Later Levels

Directional input

There are many other bloggers I would love to nominate, but I’ve seen a lot of them recently been nominated by other blogs, so I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten to include you!

Thanks for reading,



  1. Laughed out loud at your answer to 11. I could totally see Claptrap going on a power-trip entirely detached from reality while either of those songs blared in the background.

    You really touch on a good point with the bit about Handsome Jack. With him being present throughout the entirety of Borderlands 2 by the time you finally get to fight him you have actually built up a relationship with him. He isn’t just this big bad dude you’ve heard of…you’ve been indirectly fighting with each other and taunting one another the whole game. He wants to destroy you for ruining his plan to bring civilization to a bandit infested planet and you want to kill him because he’s kind of a sociopath with a god complex.

    Thank you for the nomination. 🙂
    I received one of these a few weeks back from Red Metal, which I put into my content schedule and will do the same with your’s if you don’t mind. I really enjoy answering these questions, but prefer spacing them out a bit haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Handsome jack is a really interesting villain when you start to look into him. He isn’t a browser style boss who, swoops on at the beginning and then you fight at the end, I really enjoy that.

      You can take your time if needs be!😁 This is the first time I’ve been nominated, so I tried my best to see who was and wasn’t, so I tried my best to navigate that 😅

      Liked by 1 person

      • No worries. If you just looked through my post history you could reasonably make the assumption that it has been over a month since my last nomination. There’s no way you could have known unless you kept an oddly close tab on all my interactions in the blogging community. And that’d be kind of weird. Really weird even.😅


  2. Your answers are great, appreciate the depth you went in to!
    1. Pokemon is such a great series, I’m glad it was one of the games that sparked your interest in the hobby.
    2. 100% agree with your take on the live services – they are shameless opportunities to drain more people of more money and I sincerely hope they don’t catch on. I think it’s a format that works for some genres, but in general, I hope they die a quick, fiery death.
    3. Also agreed on Octopath, super overrated game.
    4. Love your playlist answer, and glad you had fun with it! I thought the question might be annoying because it’s too involved, but if at least one person enjoyed it then I feel like its fine 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • They were really good questions, I tripped over the live service question a bit. I wasn’t quite sure what other people thought about it, so I’m glad that you agree. It’s such a shame because live service, if used for the right reasons could be good… it’s just the AAA industry… sigh they tend to suck the life out of everything.
      I loved the playlist question, I did start thinking about really tough characters and putting some metal music over it, but that felt obvious. So I thought I’d have some fun with it and pick Claptrap 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  3. We all know there’s just one correct answer for your question 11: 1) Batman from “Arkham Asylum”. 2) Batman from “Arkham City” and finally 3) Batman from “Arkham Knight”

    I mean, even if Thanos snapped again (uh, spoilers?) I’d still have one and a half Batmans (Batmen?) left!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well I mean, you’re not wrong… badman would have an answer to Thanos and there would be at least one left! Haha, that’s actually a great answer!


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