Hi everyone!

So at the beginning of the month I set myself a goal to hit 70k gamerscore within a year, I estimated that I needed to hit roughly 2,500 G a month, which I am proud to say I’ve done for this month!

This month I hit exactly – 2,967 G – Leaving me at 43,967 in total. So close to 44,000!

I also had a goal to play 5 games this month, which unfortunately I failed… sigh. But it got me thinking, rather than setting a goal of 5 games a month, I will just set myself the goal of hitting 2,500 gamerscore a month. So I am happy with what I’ve achieved this month and it has given me a chance to revise my monthly goals.

So what did I play?

What Remains of Edith Finch.

15-08-2019_15-24-13-axep2pt2 - Copy

This game… wow. I regret not playing it any sooner, it has given me a lot to think about and I have played through it roughly three times. Expect a post next month talking about my theories and what I believe is happening to the Finch family.

Achievement-wise? It was easy, I didn’t miss any achievements my first time around. Which speaks wonders to how great the game is when I’ve played through it three times!

Yoku’s Island Express.


This was a game that I didn’t expect to get lost in, I played the hell out of it and enjoyed it thoroughly, check out my review for it here – Yoku’s Island Express – A pinball of a journey.

For the achievements, it was not too hard. I left the collectable achievements but got 760/1000 achievement points, I didn’t have to stray to hard for them… the majority of them were organic.

Finally this month;

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.


Now, this was a game that I expected to play this month, a twin-stick puzzle adventure game that hit me right in the feels. Again, I will be reviewing this game so I don’t want to talk too much about it here… so expect my thoughts really soon!

Achievements again were easy, I’ve 100% the game and only had to go back once to get the final achievement.

So that’s my monthly update, I’m enjoying this challenge. It’s giving me some great ideas to write about and it’s getting me motivated to destroy my backlog.

Thanks for reading!



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