Continuing with the Icborne hype, I’ll be looking at the monsters I’m most excited to fight. Iceborne almost feels like smash bros for Monster Hunter fans, simply because the amount of returning favourites is staggering. But as always in gaming quantity doesn’t always mean quality, so what are the most exciting monsters in this expansion for me?This was actually difficult, keeping it a top-five was hard as I could have easily put three or four monsters on this list! But I wanted to keep to the top fives as it’s what I’ve done all week, enjoy and be sure to tell me who you’re excited to fight in the comments!

5. Brachydios


You know, I’ve fought Brachydios a few times and from what I can remember they never went well. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was a game that I played alone and Brachydios knew that. It bullied me a lot and that’s all I’ll say, I’m hoping to dish out some well-deserved revenge in Iceborne. The Brute Wyvern has the ability to explode the green coloured slime that it produces, which I can see causing a lot of people to Kart in Iceborne. Personally, I can see Brachydios being one of the big ‘difficulty spikes’, I can already picture the amount of SOS requests for help taking this explosive beast down.


Now whilst not technically in Icebornes ‘base game’, being provided in october as a free update, the Rajang is an absolutely terrifying monster. I remember fighting this with friends on the PSP games, it is an extremely fast monster that hunts Kirin. For those not in the know, the Kirin is a Thunder Unicorn. Classed as an Elder Dragon, it is one of the hardest fights within Monster Hunter World. This is not because of how much heal it has or how much damage it can do, it’s because of how fast it is, able to cover the entire area quickly and not allowing you a chance to breathe. The Rajang hunts Kirin… let that sink in for anyone that has hunted the Kirin… It can catch and eat Kirin… Scary thought. 

But that’s not the only reason people are excited about Ragang. Monster Hunter World boasts increadible ‘Turf Wars’, fights if you will between two monsters. A huge fan favourite fight that fans have been praying for, is the fight between the Deviljho and the Rajang… two absolute powerhouses… who knows? Will we be treated to this fight?



The only ‘New’ monster on this list and one that I’ve purposely not fought in the beta, Velkhana, the flagship of Iceborne sits as my third most anticipated fight. From trailers we see that it covers the area in ice, making it difficult for you to fight it, transforming areas to fit its fighting style and put you at a disadvantage. It seriously looks like an interesting fight and if the end-game of Iceborne reflects Worlds… we will be fighting this a lot.



The ultimate fan pleaser, now honestly, I’ve played Monster Hunter games with Zinogre in… but for the life of me cannot remember fighting it at all… maybe I haven’t or maybe it didn’t leave a lasting impression on me. I loved it in Monster Hunter Stories and it was almost always on my team, plus Zinogre has been held in such regard by hunters all around the world, that there has to be something to it. I’m mostly excited to see what all the hype around Zinogre is all about… 

1.TigrexMHWI-Tigrex_Render_001My personal favourite Monster in the entirety of the series, I love the Tigrex, the pure power and aggression in its fighting style. Whilst in my post on Monday, I stated that the Rathalos was the first major wall in the Monster Hunter games, Tigrex is my first major love. I have fought Tigrex in the Iceborne beta, it was the sole reason I downloaded it and I can safely say that the Iceborne team have done it justice. The tigrex shows a level of aggression that Monster Hunter World players have never seen, its ability to change direction whilst charging will be a huge difficulty for many players. Everything about this monster screams apex, it has been confirmed that Tigrex is a roaming Apex… meaning whilst you’re having fun hunting something that you’re prepared for… it can charge you and your target down and ruin your hunt… that fact alone makes it my favourite returning monster.And that’s it… I’m really enjoying these posts leading up to Iceborne, its allowing me to clear some things before I set to reviewing the DLC, I have been playing around with Mixer and I am confident I’ll be able to stream my first playthrough which is exciting!if you’re interested in watching that make sure you follow me on Twitter or my Mixer to be updated!Anyways, thank you for reading!Dale  



  1. Rajang is a Kirin slayer? Well so is Frosti. I’mma turn that stupid looking ape into a hammer and mount it on my wall.

    Being a new player with World I have not fought any of the returning monsters and am super excited to get to see what people are on about with them. Zinogre and Glavenous are the ones I’m most looking forward to. I like me thunder monsters, and Glav has a turf war where it completely dumpsters my favourite monster (Diablos). How can you not be excited to dunk on something that absolutely dummies your favourite monster?

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    • I actually want to see a Frosti vs Rajang turf war now!

      To be honest, Glavenous (like zinogre), is another that I must have fought but just cant remember it. Glavenous was one monster that i regret not having on the list, it would have been easily 6th on the list. I have seen the Diablos vs Glav turf war… it makes Glav look so scary, since Diablos just power houses anything in it’s way!

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      • I’ll be extremely handicapped if there is no hill nearby. Spinning bludgeon is my favourite move in Monster Hunter hands down and a large part of why I completely dumpstered tempered and AT Kirin.

        Still mad jealous of you and my console friends who get to play tomorrow. Next year though…next year is going to be a good year. 😀

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      • Haha! That hilly area, not sure the number, by base camp where the Kirin starts must be heaven for you! All those spins! 😅

        I’m actually gutted for you, its baffling to me that they leave PC till later… but like you said, at least next year will be a good one. 😁

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