In an era where E-sports and Let’s Plays rule, where streaming services like youtube and Twitch are household names, you have to think, do you get our gaming fix only from gaming?

I’m not sure that I’ve mentioned this on the blog before, but I love youtube and consume more media from youtube than probably any other site! I tend to stay around gaming as, well it’s what I love, so I watch a lot of lets plays. I don’t watch too much Twitch… well, to be honest, my Twitch watch time can probably be boiled down to only E-Sports.

I was watching a YouTuber play Smite (A Moba by Hi-Rez) last night and it got me thinking, I love watching people play smite more than I enjoy playing the game. I get frustrated easily, I have a decent level of skill at the game, but I lack a certain depth of knowledge needed to be a great player. But watching other people play is more interesting to me, listening to them talk about why they are doing this or why they are targeting this player is interesting to me. I suppose I learn a lot from these players but I enjoy watching them destroy in games… Probably because I never will!

So it got me thinking, which games do I enjoy watching more than playing? I suppose this answer is tied up to the quality of YouTuber that I watch, ownership of the game and skill within a certain game.

Smite, is an obvious one… I’ve already explained the reasons behind that.



I was really addicted to Hearthstone for quite some time, I enjoy the ladder climbing and the deck building. I enjoy deck-building games in general, but the ease of playing Hearthstone on my mobile attracted me to it more than any other game. Mostly my time watching Hearthstone is spent watching tournaments and pretending I know as much as the casters… I really don’t… I’m not that good.

There is also a lot of really nice YouTubers in the scene that are helpful and funny, so that helps too!

Slay the Spire.

slay the spire image

Surprise! Another card game? Maybe I just suck at them and enjoy watching people succeed? Slay the Spire is an interesting game that combines two of my favourite things, card games and roguelike games… what’s not to like? I think my fascination is more based on the game is quite relaxing to watch because there’s not any fast passed action, it’s enjoyable to chill out and watch.


minecraft image

I mean… common… if you haven’t watched a Minecraft let’s play are you even a gamer?

They’re my favourite games to watch, do you guys watch much youtube or twitch? If so do you gravitate towards certain games or just watch certain personalities? I’ve seen a few YouTuber appreciation posts and I would really be interested in doing something along those lines in the future.

*Plus my Monster Hunter: Iceborne Review is on its way! I just need to put the game down first! Sorry for anyone waiting!

Thanks for reading!


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