Hi Everyone!

During the weekend, both of us here at UnCapt attended EGX in London. Throughout the weekend we were able to play some exciting games, spend time with some interesting people who were there to talk about the games they were making. We also had the opportunity to attend some interesting talks that were put on during the weekend, play some board games, card games and retro games.


What we loved about EGX was the range of games that they offered, everything from indie to Triple-A and everything in between. Our most visited area had to be ‘The Rezzed’ area, which boasted some interesting and colourfully made indie titles such as Röki, Adventure in Aellion, Unto the End, Tales of Treachery and many more. This area also allowed you to talk to some developers, it was lovely to see them proudly showing their work to the crowds of hungry gamers. What we enjoyed the most about the event was that no matter what you enjoyed, you were free to do so with no judgement, everyone was there for one simple reason, games.

Dale was also able to get hands-on gameplay with Hollow KnightSliksong and he hasn’t shut up about it since he’s really excited for another installation into a fantastic series. He was able to finally get the feeling for one of his favourite Hollow Knight NPCs Hornet, who moves beautifully and attacks with elegance. If you had any fears for the game, Dale can honestly reassure you, this will be worth the wait!

There were some games that stood out to us over other though, ask anyone there and you would probably get a different answer from each individual. We will be talking about our favourite games such as Röki, a point and click inspired adventure that has its roots within Norse mythology and Unto the End, a 2D adventure game that has a deep combat system and a harrowing story. But we will be going into more detail throughout this week, so be prepared for a lot of content!

Whilst exploring the shops, Lloyd was re-acquainted with a childhood classic for him in Rogue Leader for the GameCube, whilst I bought two awesome looking CupHead t-shirts from Insert-Coin. We also spoke to the lovely people at the Special Effect where they were showing of some incredible controllers that they have made and we plan to do some live streams or charity events to help them and support the work they are doing!


We also started playing Keyforge, which is a card game in which you collect a currency called ‘Æmber’ to craft three keys. But there are many ways to stop your opponent crafting their keys and ways to halt them in their progress. The appeal for us is the price, each Keyforge deck costs roughly £7-9.00 depending on where you shop. Also, each deck is completely pre-built and different. You will never get the same deck twice. Unlike other card games, it stops the need to buy individual cards and extortionate prices at the downfall of not being able to build your own deck.

The downside however to EGX is the ‘Bigger Games’, the ques for things such as Doom, Final Fantasy VII Remake and anything you could consider a Triple-A game, there was no point. Luckily, neither of us are excited for the majority of the Triple-A games there, so we did not bother, with one exception. CyberPunk 2077, we waited for roughly twenty minutes on Friday to get our tickets to the presentation, which we felt was worth it. Potentially, EGX and other conventions could take something from this, giving people a time slot to return allows everyone to explore the event a little more whilst they wait.


We were impressed with Cyberpunk 2077, CD Project Red showed some game footage. They focused on one mission that showed off many aspects of the game including two different game styles, one being a more strength build in which we saw their character gun their way through a bunch of goons. the other playstyle was a hacker style class, in which they hacked their way through a stronghold and turned enemy turrets onto their owners. We are now officially on the hype train for CyberPunk 2077.

However, our highlight was spending time in the ‘Retro Zone’ playing some old games like Fifa 98TimeSplitters 2, Soul Calibur 2 and many more. The nice thing about this area is that it was open after hours, we could both grab a pint and get competitive over some great old school titles, which we really enjoyed! Plus we found out that Lloyd is pretty good at older fighting games, not so much newer ones…

That was our weekend at EXG 2019, did anyone else attend? If so what was your favourite game of the weekend?

Thanks for reading!



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