During EGX we had the opportunity to sit down with CyberPunk 2077 and watch a 45 minute live gameplay demonstration. It was interesting as it took place further on into the story, with mild spoilers which explained different factions and a little bit about the settings. The spoilers are nothing too important, just a bit of lore and story information.

The demo started off by showing the character creation menu, which seemed like your typical RPG character creations, I’ve got to admit I wasn’t impressed by the lack of detail you can put into your character, a cool bit of surface-wiring and pretty eyes seemed to be about creative as you can get. As someone who puts a lot of time into their character builds, I’m hoping that with six months till release, they flesh out the creation system. However, besides this worry I thought that the fact you could choose your characters background, was relatively interesting. You could choose between a; Street rat, Outlander and Corporate background.  This little bit of detail changes the way your character can interact with certain factions and people, instead of it being just a bit of background lore, it directly affects gameplay.

The demo introduces us to a law-free area of Pacifica, an area that was destined to be a tourist attraction. Instead the project was scrapped and it is now a metropolis for crime, with the people left jobless and searching for a means to survive. Our protagonist is on the search for the Voodoo boys second in command, Placide, who sets you on a mission in return for information. You get the choice on whether you trust him when he tries to hook into your chip-set. Of course, we get your classic dialogue options, which are no longer just based off your skills but also your backstory. The dialogue mechanic is completely fluid with options fluttering in and out as people come into your eye line. Meaning that you are no longer just interacting with one person but the whole world around you.

cyberpunk press kit 2

After speaking with Placide, you are tasked to go to the Animal’s hideout in the mall, which has become a temple of sort to the corporations that tried to transform Pacifica into a tourist attraction. Before the action begins you are told to scout out the surrounding area of the mall, revealing a number of different ways into the building. You can pick a number of different skill sets which define the way you progress through the game. In the demo they gave us the viewing of a Netrunner (A hacker) and a strong solo build. The Netrunner tries to sneak and use his abilities to hack enemies and items, whilst the strong solo build just rips through everything in its path. Granting the player the option to play the game as they want.

The combat in terms of shooting is sort of what you expect from an RPG, it’s pretty basic but there’s other options. With everything and everyone connected to the net, you can hack your enemies implants, give them viruses that explode their head, turn them against their allies, weaken them, the list seems endless. Cyberpunk 2077 is truly about letting the player, play the way they want to play and the combat optimises that. The way your choices and the skills you select can influence dialogue and relationships with characters. The CD Projekt Red rep even claimed you can play the game without hurting a soul, so pacifists your in luck!

Of course, the demo was with flaws, there was a few bugging issues but hopefully these will be fixed with time. A couple of AI glitched, enemies running into pillars, the things you may expect from a game at this stage in development. However, the game does look it’s really coming into his own and could be another top game from CD Projekt Red, an incredibly impressive one.

I am truly excited to play CyberPunk 2077, look for it to be released on the 16th April 2020, for all platforms (Minus the Nintendo Switch).