EGX 2019:Flotsam

The best way to describe Flotsam would be a ‘floating-recycling-survival-simulator’. In a post-apocalyptic world, where landmasses have been swallowed by the sea, you have been tasked to scour the sea for the precious remains of the previous generations, garbage. With this garbage, you will rebuild civilisation and traverse the sea to look for a better life.

Flotsam does a fantastic job of raising awareness about the rising sea level and what may become if we don’t listen. It explores the idea that civilisation will eventually have to deal with this, in an attempt to show just how destructive it will be. Starting your town is simple, set people to collect resources and build from there, but there is an element of time making things difficult. Walking is faster than swimming, so planning where you place your walkways could work in your favour. The way in which you collect resources works through buoys, a waypoint system, that allows you to place a buoy so that your settlers know where to collect from. You can also set which resource you wish for them to collect, so if you need more plastic, you can focus on collecting that.

Progression works like many other management games as you build better ways to use your resources, such as making a scavenger boat which allows you to collect resources faster. Food and water management is also key in Flotsam, meaning that you have to actually keep your settlers alive instead of just giving them a good place to live. 

The game gives a very bright, colourful and cartoonish look which contrasts the serious issuses that have caused this post-apocalyptic world to effectively flood. The game has a bright and cartoon-like look, which contrasts the serious nature of the game and surprisingly is full of life. Whilst humans are struggling to survive, the aquatic life is thriving. Schools of fish are everywhere, which you can farm for food and a whale patrols the map, which gave the game life. 

Flotsam is certainly a interesting and fresh take on a management sim of sorts due it’s inclusion of how you recycle the mistakes of the old world.  Whilst having the potential to expand hugely past is current early access state, which hopefully is the case when the game comes from full release. You can currently purchase the early access for £20.99 on steam.