Hello everyone, after our Christmas break, we’re back at the beginning of our decade, to talk about our most influential games of the tens, tenners, tenties? (Wait, what do you call it?). We’ve sat down and put our heads together and thought about the past ten years, and here’s our top 10.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Only joking, we would if we could.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a game that has ate up the most amount of time, compared to anything we’ve played this decade, besides maybe one or two games. But it is a game that we have found that, if you want a easy game to just, fall in love with, well look no further. From the charming town of pelican, to the beach, the caves and the farm that you will spend so many precious hours in, this game has something for everyone. Want to be a money machine? turn your farm into a capitalistic machine to pump out the maximum amount of profit available? Then you can. Or do you simply want to settle down, have a family and make enough money to survive off? Do it!

Stardew Valley, is a special experience, that chilled us out and embraced us with open arms, if your interested we do have a review on the blog which you can read here.

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect was the franchise really built Lloyd’s love for sci-fi and was the first game that he played that allowed the player to make choices that made an impact that actually had consequences. The second addition to the franchise really added to this. Giving you supporting characters that really made you care, adding depth to them, meaning it wasn’t a case of rushing through the main story. You had to be thorough in upgrading your ship and exploring the characters’ narrative to ensure they survived to make your playthrough on the third game. This depth and choice in the narrative was what made this game stand out from the other two games and something that unfortunatly was ruined by a poor finale to the trilogy.

Super Mario Odyssey

For us, Odyssey takes everything great about the Mario franchise and puts into one heartfelt package, that feels like a love letter to the Mario community. With a game, that has hidden levels of difficulties, no matter your skill level, you’ll get a fulfilling experience. Odyssey has some incredible level designs and takes beating Bowser to the next level. With the addition of motion controls, the game allows the player to play almost anyway they want, in a fluid way. The game offers a heartwarming experience and Bowser in a suit, that instantly made this a 10/10.

For a full review, click here.

What Remains of Edith Finch

What remains of Edith Finch is a special experience, one that has made Dale think a little more about how games could be used to convey narrative, specifically in the classroom. The game is a narrative driven experience, that will have you searching through the Finch’s household and uncovering the secrets about their curse, that sees many of the family die in unfortunate ways. This is a game, that has defined the way that Dale looks at games and the narrative power that they present.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter is one of our most important franchises to us at uncap, from playing it when we were younger on the PSP, to now on our newest consoles, we adore the world that is Monster Hunter. World did something special however, it took all of the things we loved about the game, made it more fluid and made it much more interesting. However, we do feel that the story elements of the game need a little work, the actual game play is incredible, difficult and fluid. Grinding for us, is one of the most annoying things within video games, that’s why we tend to avoid MMORPG style games, but grinding in World, never feels like grinding, it is never mundane and always fun. PLus with the addition of Iceborne, a giant DLC that adds almost more content to the game than the original had, this game will definitely be something that we will be playing into the new decade.

Read our review here.

Hollow Knight

Hollow knight, for many, has become our favourite Metroidvania for many reasons, its tough, rewarding and crafted wit such love. The game, focuses on hollow knight, a character who travels to hollow nest in attempt to save it. The controls are well done and the minimalist approach to storytelling really works in its favour to introduce you to a mysterious lost city and entice you to work through to discover what has happened. With boss fights that are challenging, but never feeling unfair and you are rewarded for your efforts with new abilities or sometimes, even more tough boss fights. The first time we defeated The Mantis Lords was a particularly special moment for us, Jesus, that was hard.

Again, this is a game that we reviewed here, if you are interested.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Ezio is one of the most beloved characters that Ubisoft created, and Brotherhood shows him off to his full potential. What seems like a daunting task of rebuilding Roman chapter of the Brotherhood, turns out to be enjoyable and rewarding. Brotherhood tells a great story and really develops Ezio into the lovable character that he is today. The addition of having developing assassins to aid in your mission, gives you the true feeling of being a leader of the Brotherhood, something hasn’t been replicated since. Ubisoft have shown the attention to detail in their historical facts and allow the player to get involved in some of the world’s most crucial moment in history. This game did more for our love of history than the classroom ever did.

Most people would mention Black Flag but Dale’s unnecessary hatred for the game, knows no bounds (but gets a special mention from Lloyd).

Portal 2

Portal 2 is the game that really tested the bond between the two of us, we were at wits end with each other by the end of our very long and tedious playthrough. For that reason, alone it has to be in our game of the decade. Portal doesn’t go in just for nostalgic reason though. It provided us with a good narrative, great game play and arguably one of the greatest antagonist, GLaDOS, who constantly pits the players against each other, creating a unique type of co-op gameplay. Which requires you to work together, whilst everything trying to pull you apart. Which resulted us nearly killing each other in our first playthrough.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, probably the one game on this list, that will be on 90% of everyone’s game of the decade list. It is 100% deserved, the amount of love and effort put into this game, is just stunning. From the side quests, that never feel like side quests, because they are not all simply travel from point A to B then back to A missions, it shows that the effort and time was put into every mission in this game. The music and the in depth fighting systems, both at times combine for some truly memorable battles, from fighting necrophages in a cave, to fighting a Griffin on a hill top, this game captures the imagination and spirit of the Witcher series and shows them off in a cinematic and narrative rich world.

The tenties, as we’re going to call them, were full of some incredible games, even some that we had to miss from this list. We’re looking forward to the new decade and with the jump in graphics and gameplay that we saw throughout the last decade, this one is going to be special.

What did you think of our list and what would your list look like?


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