Hi everyone!

The new decade has rolled in and I am still well aware of my goal. I am looking to be on track, despite both the busyness over the holidays and Uni work. But I have to catch up on the blog and fill everyone in with where I am, I did miss November, so this blog will be a November/December update!

November total: 2,705

December total: 1,705

I was a little lacking during December but that was to be expected, but the good news is I after those months sat at a total of 52,542. I can give you a sneak preview and say that I’ve hit over 55,000 this month, which is awesome, only 15,000 until 70,000.

So what did I play over the two months? I will state that there were one or two games that were only played because they were easy gamerscore and I have not got much to say about them, those games were;

  • Tracks – The Train Set Game.
  • Jack & Jill DX

Both were around 30-minute completions and were games that I have no interest in, really easy and simple to get the full 1,000 on each.

Now, apart from my little cheat games, what did I actually play?


I’ve not finished Afterparty, but I enjoyed the time I spent with it. Made by the same developers that made Oxenfree, which I have not played, but have heard is excellent. Night School Studio, introduces us to an interesting concept, what if there is a loophole to get out of hell? Better still, what if that loophole involves out drinking the lord of hell himself?

The game focuses mainly on conversations which are both interesting and fluid, there is no awkward scripting from what I can tell and the dialogue only improves on the already interesting concept.

I will end up finishing Afterparty and potentially review it.

My Friend Pedro

Easily my favourite game I played last year, it is so fun. Take a talking banana, some guns, a skateboard and the ability to slow time down, then you have My Friend Pedro. I laughed and enjoyed the majority of this game, not ever feeling like the game was cheating me with my deaths, I was always to blame for my deaths.

We do have a review on the website, written by Lloyd, which you can check out here.


Wandersong is a game that I never thought I would play, it involves you playing as a bard looking to save the world. It is very like the puzzle-platformer Hue, in which you use colours to move through the world, except in this case, the colours represent a note which you sing.

The story was wonderful and the characters charming. As far as the actual achievements go, it was easy, the majority of them came from simply beating the game was enough to get 950/1,000 for me. The last achievement required me to deflect enemy attacks a certain number of times, I tried for a little while but gave up quickly.

The Hunter: Call of the Wild.

This game, despite its nature, is absolutely incredible. Firstly, I am not a supporter of hunting for sport, but when in a virtual space, why not? The game is realistic in the sense that, if you put your headphones in, you’re in the woods or on the Savana, tracking creatures and trying to blend into nature itself.

I never got much in terms of gamerscore from this, but it turned out to be quite the peaceful escape over the rush of the holidays. it really surprised me in how much I enjoyed it, plus it is a very difficult game to understand, learning how wind and sound can stop you hunting and what type of weapons are better for which game. It was enjoyable.

And that is it, apart from some Battlefield V and Monster Hunter World, here and there that was my holidays!

What did you guys play throughout your Christmas breaks?

Thanks for reading,


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