Pokemon has announced that they will be releasing DLC for the latest addition to the franchise, Pokemon Sword and Shield. Initially, I thought this was a bad idea, despite my feelings that the base game was lacking, missing essential content and wasn’t great. I first believed the DLC to be a little bit of a cop-out, but now that I’ve had time to think about it, this may be the best way forward for Sword and Shield.

DLC, is the better option to a third game, in my opinion, or in Pokemon Sun & Moon’s case, a second game that add anything new. The DLC from the trailers and information we have looks to answer some of my problems with the base games, the wild area in the new games are fresh, although how different that is yet to be seen. I enjoyed the wild zone but felt it’s lacks something, however it’s difficult to put my finger on what that is.

What we are getting?

Pokemon announced two different DLC that form an expansion pass, Isle of Armor set for release in June 2020 and The Crown of Tundra set for a Fall release. Each version is also getting a new rival, for Sword we get Klara who is a Poison-type trainer, Shield gets Avery who trains Psychic Pokemon.


Isle of Armor brings a new pokemon, Kubfu who evolves into Urshifu. Who has two different stances, which don’t look to be version tied, despite different typings. The way this evolution line works is yet to be confirmed but doesn’t look version tied. It looks like it could be an evolution that is dependent on something the trainer does.

Urshifu - single strike style
Single Strike Urshifu

The two different stances are Single Strike Urshifu and using the information provided by the Pokemon website, we see that it is described as a Pokemon that prefers ” battling without holding back. If enraged, it will mercilessly attack the opponent until utterly crushed. Its movements are direct and involve rushing in a straight line. When it is a certain distance away from an opponent, it quickly leaps in to unleash a powerful blow”.

Urshifu - rapid style
Rapid  Strike Stance Urshifu

 Whilst the Rapid Stance is described as “prefering calmly observing the opponent and their strength while dodging. It uses flowing movements to ward off an opponent’s attack before overwhelming them with rapid strikes”. A pokemon with two different stances or variants is not something new, we have certainly seen this before but I am excited for Urshifu. The fact that it reflects potentially the player’s style within their own stance, it will be interesting to see which one I will gravitate towards.

Around 200 pokemon are going to be returning to the series, which initially was the source of my frustration. I originally thought that they would be locked behind the DLC, which is not the case, there will be free updates so that the people who do not buy the DLC are allowed to collect the returning ‘mons, through trading. We also have new Galarian forms in Slowpoke, Slowbro and from what has been suggested, new forms of the original trio of legendary birds from Kanto!

The missing Kanto starters are also being added, that means Squirtle and Bulbasaur, with added Dynamax forms for the final evolutions. Plus, we finally get Dynamax forms of the starters from the game, each of the final evolutions will get their own giant version!

The two DLC also adds two new areas to explore, both with their own stories and challenges. The Isle of Armor is from what we’ve seen a lovely place to visit, with sandy beaches, caves and bogs to explore not to mention a warm climate, this area has become a favourite for Pokemon. There is also a Dojo in the area, which is probably going to be the area in which we will get to choose Urshifu’s stance.



Which The Crown Tundra is the opposite, a harsh cold environment in which communities have to rely on each other to survive in the mountains. I can see this DLC requiring you to bring a few fire Pokemon to keep you warm, Scorebunny trainers will be happy! We not only have little information about this area, but we do have the legendary Pokemon that will inhabit the area. Calyrex, A pokemon with a crown, that is said to have ruled the area in the past and has the ability to see every past, present and future. It is not known whether the Pokemon is going to be a threat, but from its appearance, I imagine we will be helping it during the story.

There will also be a new Co-op mode added within the second DLC, we do not know too much about it right now, but it allows players and their friends to enter the dens of pokemon and explore. Whether this is an expansion on the Dynamax system, we do not know.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these DLC will serve to boost the content within the game, because, it desperately needs something to fill in the gaps. I do believe that this, however, is the right direction if it means we are not getting the full-priced ‘Third game’ that never adds enough to be considered a new game.


The DLC will come as part of an expansion pass that will cost £26.99/$29.99.

So what do you think? I hope this is a move in the right direction for the new generation of games, but I’m being a little reserved on my excitement since my initial experience with Pokemon Sword was not that positive.

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