Hi everyone!

It’s time for my review of the month, what have I been playing? And how much closer am I to 70,000 gamerscore?

I hit 6,200 gamerscore this January, which is easily my record for a single month! Currently, I am sat at 58,742, which I am confident I can hit over 60,000 during February!

Fractured minds

Fractured Minds was recommended by a friend for some quick and easy gamerscore but truly surprised me in its premise. Videogames are unique in how they are able to explore mental health, by not only teaching people about them but allowing people to experience situations (Obviously to an extent!). Now there are some badly done games, that just use the veil of mental health to give their game a superficial meaning, but Fracture Minds does not do that.

I don’t want to spoil too much about the game, it’s a quick play and is worth the look, obviously CW for mental health issues.


A fun little aquarium management game that I completed early in the month. Easy game to play, relaxing and not stress-inducing (Like many sims tend to be for me). I wrote a quick review of the game here.

As far as achievements go for this game, you get the majority of them through the regular story, which was not too hard. A must-play for anyone looking for a nice chunk of gamerscore that does not require you to collect all twenty million collectables games love to throw at you.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Both of us at Uncapt have always had a fascination with the FNAF games and the lore surrounding them, probably facilitated by MattPatt over at (Insert youtube channel). I’ve read two out of three of the accompanying books and generally have an interest in how the stories play out. But what does not mix, is my ability to play horror games, I think to date this may be the first horror game that I have finished… a bit of a weird fact.

It brings into question just how valid are guides? I’m not too sure if this is an issue now, but I know when I was a kid that guides were frowned upon within my friendship groups “You have to beat the game yourself”, but that is well and truly a mindset I have dropped completely. I have watched (Like many people), a lot of YouTubers play through FNAF, which lead to me being about the beat the game with very little jump-scares. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I had to wait till night 3 to have my first scare.

Enjoyable game that uses jumpscares effectively, which is a hard thing to do, building on the anxiety that you know you could prevent the scares, leads to some interesting moments.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

Prompted, like many people, by the Netflix adaptation, I finally sat down and restarted the game with the aim to finish. It took quite some time to beat after, but mainly because I was spending way too much time chasing side missions and powerful equipment. I regret not finishing it sooner, it has been in my backlog for some time, I could not put it down.

I am yet to play the DLC, which I have been told is incredible, it’s only taken me a few years to get around to beating the main game. I suspect it won’t take me as long to beat the DLC.

I have not played the other Witcher games, which I would love to do someday, but one thing I loved is seeing a lot of welsh words within the Elven language. I am not fluent in Welsh, but I know enough to get by. I loved that Gwynbleidd is white wolf in Welsh (Blaidd Gwyn).

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

A game that I hope has shown EA that single-player games are not bad and a valiant effort by Respawn to make a single-player Star Wars game. It is enjoyable and I did like playing it, there were a few areas that I felt needed major improvements, specifically with the story and fighting. But on the whole, I’m glad I played this game, Cal is an enjoyable protagonist and the story shows a little of the grey areas of the Jedi and the reason some people move to the dark side. I enjoy that they explore the differences between Jedi and Sith and how there is almost a grey area between them, I like when the forces of good and evil share a grey area, it’s not just black and white.

I’ve realised that these posts have turned into a monthly update and I really enjoy that! Maybe I should provide a list of all the games that I start each month and don’t finish… we would be here for a while!

How has your January been? have you hit any goals? Or beaten any interesting games?

Thanks for reading! and remember to toss a coin to your Witcher!


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