Hi everyone! This one is a bit delayed so apologies about that! But February was a really good month in terms of gaming! Even though I have not been writing, I have been gaming where I can, mostly during breaks with university work/real life work. During those breaks I was able to rack up a total of 3,665 Gamer score, it was a successful month with a varied amount of games played. Leaving me at 62,397 for this month! so close to my goal now!

Anyways so what have I been playing?

Storm Boy

Firstly, I played through Storm Boy a game based on a novel by Colin Thiele. The game was short, sweet and hit an emotional punch at the end that I did not expect. In terms of game play it was simple, you ran left to right whilst the story is told and play some mini games. Not a difficult game and was an hour or so in total (maybe even less) to get the total 1,000. You only have to play through the game and do some extra mini games to collect all the achievements.

Not much to say on Storm Boy other than it is a lovely story that is also quite relaxing. Being set on the beach, with the sound of the ocean, it could be the perfect antidote to a busy schedule!


Well, I don’t really know where to start with this game. It is a walking simulator style game, that well… is utterly confusing. I found myself starting in a dark street, then I entered a house where blacked out people were, they never interacted with me, so I kept moving. I then visited another room in which an alien was taking a bath? and then commanded me to go to work? If your confused at what I am describing, don’t worry I was confused playing it and am still confused trying to figure out what actually happened.

There is definitely a message within the game and I imagine under a microscope you could analyse this game’s message it is trying to convey. I can pick out an obvious message about Immigration? or moving to a foreign country? But I found that the game itself was too confusing to decipher and never allowed me a moment in which I wanted to figure out what was going on. Maybe that’s was the developers were trying?

I had to follow a guide unfortunately to finish the game, but there was not much to do within terms of achievements, the full 1,000 was done on my first play through. A weird game that I am not sure if I would recommend or not….

Sea of Solitude

When EA announced this at E3, I was excited about it, but I quickly forgot that it existed. A single player game that explored mental health (Specifically loneliness). Following our main character, Kay, who has woken in a flooded world and is confronted by dark monsters. Kay herself is presented as a dark monster, which is an obvious metaphor to how she is feeling. I did enjoy Sea of Solitude, but I felt the game could be a little to obvious about the things it was trying to hide. Monsters identities and the plot were all over explained and it felt like it took a little of the emotional impact the game could have.

Now, that is not to say that the game did not have an emotional impact on me, the story is good and the characters/ environments are well designed. The time I had with it was fun, the use of puzzles and the way the sea itself created problems was engaging. I would recommend Sea of Solitude, its interesting and charming. I may do a full review, but that is for another time. As for the achievements, I was able to get roughly 85% of them without any trouble. There are a few collectables, but its not something that I’m interested in finishing.

I also racked up a few achievements from passively playing a few games like: Minecraft, Overwatch, Varlet Swing and Monster Hunter World.

Well that was my February, how has your month been so far? I hope that you are all keeping safe and well with everything that is going on right now!

Thanks for reading,


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