With EGX Rezzed cancelled for this weekend, I thought I’d share some of my top 5 indie games that I’ve been playing recently and that are gathering dust on my wishlist. We’re both absolutely gutted we couldn’t go this weekend and see some of the new and upcoming games being released from some of the most talented devs around, so here’s my 5 indie titles.

Bad North

Plausible Concept’s Bad North has kept me entertained for quite some time, traversing the cold Nordic seas defending islands from an onslaught of invaders. You must tactically manoeuvre around the seas, ensuring to evenly distribute your troops across a number of islands depending on the impeding threat, making sure to gather helpful items and more troops to aid your army. The minimalist art style doesn’t hide the gore, as the islands are soon bathed in blood following the fight and you are constantly reminded of the bloodshed when you look at the map and the islands are turned red. Bad North also provides seasons, meaning you have to fight in the snow and autumn bringing a little bit of variety to your battles. This is a fun game that can keep you entertained for a while.

Available on: Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, PC and Mac

For the King

For the King is a RPG which blends tabletop and rogue like elements into an adventure that allows you and your party to explore the realm. You are able to select a number of different scenarios, and the maps are randomly generated so you get a unique experience every play through. Throughout your adventure you must complete quests, slay monsters and help the vulnerable, whilst you visit a number of different towns and dungeons. You must plan each turn with caution, but be aware of the dice roll at the beginning of each turn which determines the number of actions for that turn, which can easily interrupt your plans. For the King is perfectly balanced between it’s three genres and is a great experience and the online capabilities mean you can enjoy your adventure with your friends.

Available on: Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac

Unto The End

This was a game we found at EGX 2019 and I’ve been well excited to play ever since, I just can’t wait for them to announce a release date so I can put my pre-order in. I simply have to mention it one more time. Developed by 2 Ton Studios, Unto the End is a challenging side-scrolling action-adventure, where you are a humble father who is on the search for his family. This isn’t a simple hack and slash game, you must outsmart your enemy with a combination of attacks. Unto the End will not hold your hand, with all the skills available from the offset it’s up to the player how to use them to their advantage. Learning and understanding your skills and understanding your opponents moves is where the challenge lies in this beautifully handcrafted game.

Available on: Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac (yet to be released)


Grayland is one of my most recent purchases, this is a short but beautiful atmospheric piece from 1DER Entertainment. In Grayland, you take control of a bird on the search for their mate who has been taken by human soldiers, on your search you must evade the terrors of the war effort to protect the planet from the alien invasion. But it is not just the soldiers you have to look out for, as a small bird you have the everyday horrors of cats, foxes and the everyday person who pose a threat. Despite its short length it does offer somewhat of a challenge and you must understand the movements of others and how to avoid their eyes gaze and also monitor your energy levels.

What I love most about this game, is that your not the main story, it’s the grey scale background that offers the most narrative as you witness the true horror of the war going on around you. Traversing depleted forests, destroyed farmlands and the horrible conditions in which people must work in the war effort.

Available on: Android and PC

Oxygen Not Included

Having recently left early access, Oxygen Not Included is definitely a game I cannot wait to get my hands on. This is a colony sim developed by Klei, you must oversee the development of a colony on an asteroid, ensuring that your colonist are kept safe from natural dangers, as oxygen, warmth and sustenance are scarce and a constant threat to your colony. The quirky cartoon art style is what gripped me, I love a fun little game to play and this looks like one. Having to ensure the sanity and safety of your colonists as you try to make the best space colony around, sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

Available on: Xbox One, iOS, PC and Mac

This is my top 5 games for the moment, check them out if you have chance a number of them are on Xbox Game Pass so you can have an awesome opportunity to play them for free. We’d like to know what you’re top 5 are as well, get sharing the word on some of the best indie games around!


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