Hi everyone, it only feels like yesterday I was catching you all up on my February review!

But i’m back with a slightly lower score than last time. My month in gaming has been split into two sides, chaotic and peaceful. Sometimes it is funny the difference in the games that you play; being a player of many genres means that the themes within them can sometimes get quite disorganised. One day you’re a hero, the next your watching the world burn. The life of a gamer eh?

This month, I was able to rack up only 1,610 gamer score. But it still moves me further to my goal and I’m not disheartened. Currently I am less that 5,000 away from 70k and that is exciting. I’m currently allowing myself to think about future goals and where I want to be within the year.

So enough of an introduction what have I been playing?

Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant: from the ashes is a third-person-survival-shooter, that places you into an apocalyptic world, where monsters now rule. I played through this as a time killer with my wife and a friend, for the most part we enjoyed our time with it, well mostly. The game is a procedural generated one, meaning that on one play through you can experience bosses different to that of another. This, irked me slightly. Almost forcing a second play through in the sense of FOMO (Fear of missing out), rather than the sheer want to play the game again. I suppose however, if you really enjoy the game, playing through it again to experience all aspects will be a natural step.

When I say we enjoyed our play through, what I mean is we enjoyed the pride factor in defeating bosses. Which only become hard because of a constant stream of minions, and that’s it. The bosses themselves are not given the chance to be what they’re designed to be. It almost feels like artificial difficulty, instead of the bosses being difficult because, well, they’re hard. You’re forced to fight waves and waves of minions whilst plugin away at a bullet sponge.

During last month, we had not finished the game, but we have done so now. My thoughts on the game were, meh, it was okay but nothing incredible. There should be a review coming out next week, so keep an eye out!

Viva Pinata

When I told you that my gaming had been completely split, I did mean it. These two games could not be further away from each other if they tried. I am near 100% complete with the game; currently I am around the 95-96% mark. I love it, there is no simpler way to put it. I LOVE IT.

The game is simple, build a garden to attract more pinatas and make more money. Collecting within the game is something that I love, not just getting every Pinata I can, but also every variation of Pinata. Getting all the ticks in my handbook has been a sure and easy distraction from what I need to do; pushing my real life problems aside to collect all the Pinatas. After all, you’ve got to catch them all… wait wrong game.

Achievement wise the game is simple, you gain the majority through natural play. There is no hard-mode or speed running needs, so there are no achievements tied to this. However, there is time based achievements, for how long you’ve played. A ten hour one and a fifty hour one, the latter being a pain, I imagine… I’ve not gotten it yet.

I have done a write up on Viva pinata if your interested in my thoughts with the classic. You can read it here.

That’s it in terms of gaming this month on Xbox, I have been pouring a few hours into Animal Crossing: New Horizons and that game is truly wonderful! What have you guys been playing during lock down? Anything interesting?

Thanks for reading,


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