First of all big thanks to Kelly from Why We Play Games for the Real Neat Blog Award! Much love going your way and anyone reading, it would be awesome if you could go and chuck her a follow and check out some of her blogs.


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1. What is your favourite video game genre?

Probably would have to say a couple here depending on the mood I’m in. I would say RPGs, Management Sims and Platformers. I just find each one brings its own perk to the table, so if I got plenty of time to kill and just want to escape probably RPGS. If I want to focus or I just feel I’ve lost all control everything, management sims. If I want a challenge and to get really frustrated and end up throwing my controller at the screen, platformer. I just have to be in the right mood to play either of them otherwise it’s just difficult for me to focus.

2. What is your faviourite music genre?

This is probably the hardest question for me, I’m a massive music buff, bloody love it and all sorts as well. I like to think I’m quite open minded when it comes to music, so I can kind of get along with anything. I’d probably say indie is my most listened to genre but things like soul, ska and jazz are up there as well, so yeah got quite a ranged taste. I guess it’s kind of the same with the previous question, I just have to be in the right mood to enjoy a specific genre of music.
There would be nothing better than going home to my armchair, putting a jazz record on and having a whiskey, that would be a bliss life.

3. What games do you play when you want to relax?

Management sims as I generally don’t find them too stressful and pausing the game is a life saver when things get too much, you’re in complete control of what goes on. I also find the music tends to be quite chilling as well, it never really gets in your face, so putting your headset and just forgetting the world is bliss.

4. What are your favourite hobbies?

Other than gaming, I’m a huge music fan so just jamming, playing the bass. Big supporter of Cardiff City Football, got the bedding and everything to prove it. So go down there quite a bit with Dale, gutted it’s not on at the moment really been a hard time without it. Going to the gym and exercise, find its a great way to get my head on straight. That feels like a really poor answer you’d put on your CV.

5. What shows or movies are you watching right now?

Got to be honest here, I don’t really watch TV and I’ve kind of gone off movies. Been watching the Mandolarian so far which is awesome and re-watching all the Star Wars movies in chronological order, which is no easy feet with all the bad CGI and some of the most wooden acting I may have ever seen, but yeah they’re awesome none the less!

6. What is your favourite video games and/or TV series?

Favourite video game, easy Fallout: New Vegas. Loved it from start to finish, it was the one that gave me my obsession for the franchise, I don’t think Obsidian have ever made a bad game. Just going around choosing the factions to side up with and getting mini-factions to join your cause was awesome and some of the armour was just incredible, the NCR, the Brotherhood and Caesar’s Legion. It just had that sense of humour which I love in games as well and it had so many characters with cool backstories as well, whether it was the King, Arcade Gannon, Lily Bowen, Mr House etc. etc. Just an awesome game could go on all day about it, so I’ll leave it there.

TV Series I would have to say Star Wars: Rebels thought was really cool although the Mandolorian is coming up to that so can’t wait to watch episode 8. Like I said I don’t really watch much TV but Star Wars is one of my favourite franchises so its got to be one of those two.

7. What helps you feel calm?

The biggest way is music, that’s the way to my heart, but it just changes my mood instantly as well. Just slap on a bit of Jazz or something quite chilling and calming and I guess I’m there. I need a pair of thick headphones though to be able to get truly lost in it, it’s one of the reasons I love my gaming headset. Or just playing guitar or bass is quite calming as well. But we got video games like I mentioned before, management sims in particular.

My Nominations

  1. Mr.Wapojif from Professional Moron
  2. DeiSophia from Virtual Visions
  3. Quietschisto from RNG
  4. Kelly Jensen
  5. Solarayo over at Ace Asunder
  6. Stephen Brown at Honest Gamer
  7. Meghan from Meghan Plays Games

My Questions

  1. What is the one thing you’re most proud off?

2. What is the perfect snack for a video game binge?

3. Who is your favourite villain in a video game and why?

4. Do you think there are other life forms in space?

5. What is your favourite thing to do to kill time?

6. What is the one video game world you would love to visit?

7. If you were creating a playlist what would be the first 5 songs?


    • It’s the best combination! I’m a big fan of modern jazz, last night had a bit of Tom Misch and City Skylines… absolute bliss. I’ll have to give a listen to Buddy Rich… do love a good beat man


    • Oooo I’d be caught between The Maytals and The Ethiopians, yeah its kind of dying genre unfortunately but there are so many great musicians in that genre that do go under the radar. No worries 🙂


  1. Whee thanks for the nomination, I never have any idea where to put these in my blog so I’ll reply a little here, I’ll find a way to somehow tag these things forward, probably in some huge post eventually…

    1. Uh not anything, I’m critical and overly serious so talk down to myself a lot.
    2. I try not to eat snacks when gaming because they make my keyboard or controller greasy, but more generally I usually eat chocolate bars preferably mint crisp
    3. Younger me would have answered Kefka (FFVI) his maniacal laugh and purely nihilistic motivations made him clearly evil and why such a disparate party would be able to group up to destroy him.
    Now I’m not so sure, I still enjoy Kefka as a villain But SHODAN is possibly more chilling. Her otherness despite being a human creation is what makes her so fearsome. She holds all of our worst nature and none of our better. She also skillfully manipulates the player throughout the game, which speaks dividends to the games excellent writing and ability to realise how truly pathetic we actually are.
    4. Well extraterrestrial life is conceivable, hence the word exists, but I cannot go on faith and simply say an absolute yes or no. But it’s certainly plausible and conceivable.
    5. If I killed an anthropomorphic time, would I become Zeus?
    6. Probably Tamriel, and specifically Summer set Isle.
    7. Uh songs, music… I don’t listen often but probably would include tracks by E.S. Posthumous, Lesiem, Achillea, Mythos or Enigma.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No worries keep being awesome 🙂

      ahh comes on there’s got to be something, I mean your blogs pretty awesome why I put you in the nominations 🙂

      That’s twice in two days FF has come up it must be a sign that I need to play through them.

      Tamriel would be the perfect escape with some many incredibly beautiful places to visit, could spent a life time there.


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