Hello everyone!

We hope you’re staying safe, well and using your time to destroy your backlog. We wish we could say we are, but, we’ve started playing Overwatch again… so… our backlog stays the same. Lloyd has returned to the game fresh, and we’ve both been grinding to get him to level 25, so he can play in the ranked modes, which Dale loves, but he is not the best. (His words).

If anything our backlog has grown since the new Inside Xbox showed off some exciting games. Ones we will be playing, or at least, adding to our backlogs. Showing off the graphical capabilities of the Xbox Series X, Xbox’s new fetish for horror games and redefining the term ‘Gameplay’, it’s been an exciting week for Xbox. What did you guys think of the press conference? We thought it held some promise, as we know with the Summer Games Fest, we will see more announcements soon. It felt like a promising start, and there was a willingness for Xbox to show off some different games during this press conference, which gets us both excited for the future.

So what have the boys been up to this week?


We’ve already mentioned that we’ve been playing Overwatch, which I’ve been loving getting back into playing competitively. I’ve been focusing on damage and have started to stray away from you’re ‘Typical damage dealers’ like Soldier 76 and Mcree. I’m only high silver, so I’m a terrible player… but that’s not stopped me. I’m border lining gold always, and I’ve seen an increase in skill since I’ve been leaning my role a bit better. I’ve been focusing on my targeting and playing more “Dive” Characters, which allow you to get into the backlines and do damage to the weaker characters. I’ve been enjoying the responsibility of getting picks and helping my team by killing key characters before big fights. Genji has turned into my love lately!

Lloyd has become my computer guru this week also, as I am about to take the plunge into PC gaming. My laptop is getting a little older now. Even opening word documents is becoming a morning long experience, so it is time to upgrade. It means I can also play a broader range of games that I’ve had never experienced before; I’m most excited to get into games like Planet Zoo and Total War: Three Kingdoms, any recommendations for me? One thing I’ve got to say is fuck. It is confusing for a non-PC Gamer to start shopping for parts. Why is there so many numbers and letters to follow products, can’t things be simple? 

I’ve also started to play Legends of Runeterra, which has scratched that TCG itch. Lloyd’s also looking to get involved, so we will see how we stack up against each other soon. I’ve been almost running from Hearthstone recently, mainly because of the money. I’ve spent a pretty penny on the game, but the problem is, once a new set is released (Which happens every couple of months), those purchases mean nothing. Legends of Runeterra, to me, is just better on every level. Money-wise and gameplay-wise, although it is daunting getting into a new TCG. I’ll maybe do a write up on my experience!


I’ve become a healing main on Overwatch which is a load of fun, I also discovered that Baptiste is my soul mate. We were made for each other. Witty comments and just a desire to be awesome. Love him. Whilst my other go to has been Moira who I just love to play, we’ve been trying to get up to level 25 so we can play in Season 22 so that could be coming very soon. Exciting Times.

The hype of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has got me going, so I thought I’d give Odyssey another chance but having to start the game from scratch due to some difficulties with my Xbox, it has been less then appealing. So, I started playing number three, re-exploring the American Colonies with Connor has been interesting even if I have to cringe at some of the voice acting but next up I think is Liberation which I’ve never played before so that could creep up in next week. My excitement for Valhalla is certainly creeping up though.

Not much from me this week been busy with uni work so can’t wait to get that out the way in just under two weeks.

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