Hi everyone! 

Its been a strange week. Both of us have returned to work, and it has been a weird experience. Dale has finally got himself a PC, so he is now spending every last penny he has on games. Lloyd has been running through his backlog and avoiding university work, procrastinating as usual!

Everything on the site will be moving better now. There is some planned content, and now that Dale can write, he is chugging through his notes and writing some reviews as we speak!

But enough of that, what have we been playing?



I finally managed to complete a second game this week. This time HUE was the game, a platformer which was released back in 2016 by Fiddlestick and Curve Digital. I’ve got to say it could have been the one that got away, what a game. Only took about six hours to complete but was phenomenal and can’t wait for a second replay. HUE gave me goosebumps, and the story was beautiful to go alongside some stunning art.


I started playing Control after much peer pressure from Dale to buy the game and thanks to Epic Games Stores awesome sale. I managed to buy it for £12, bargain. I’ve only managed to get about half an hour of gameplay this week. Despite the time played, I can see that it is another awesome game and I can see why Dale has been banging on about it. To be fair, I have been putting it off as well, as I can feel the uneasiness already. Horrors are well up my street but there’s something sinister going on and it just makes me feel uneasy. 


So there have been two games for me this week, all console. I did not receive my PC until late this week. I’ve only played a little on my computer, but maybe the rumours were right about how good PC gaming is? Honestly, I thought that the mouse and keyboard would be my major tripping points, but no… its almost natural. My old laptop could barely run word, but I can’t say too much negative about it as it saw me through my degree. With my dissertation, I would have to open the word document and then make a coffee while it opened. It took so long.

Now, it opens instantaneously, I’m not sure that should be the main thing I’m impressed about… but I am. I love it. Word… well opens… on command.

Minecraft Dungeons

The first game I finished this week was Minecraft Dungeons. I’m currently writing my review for this, and it’s hard to say whether I’m impressed or not. On the one hand, the game is simple, but for the right reasons. I can image this game being something that a family can jump on and enjoy a few adventures together, or even a group of friends to sit down and unwind too.

My main issue with the game, is well… there is going to be an obvious DLC bombardment. The game would be exciting if everything were in there. There are some major Minecraft areas and bosses missing, that with he announcement (On day one) that there will be paid DLC. It suggests that these areas have been removed or planned for DLC. I’m not sure how I feel about this. If it has been removed then there is something dodgy about that.

The game itself is fun and colourful! I enjoyed my time with it, but it left me wanting much more. Besides some cool combos with enchantments and weapon abilities, the game has a severe lack of content.

It is a good starting point, but well, I’ll leave all my opinions on the review! Am I the only one who is fed up of games being a little lacklustre and waiting till months later for it to be something worthwhile? Am I crazy in thinking that games should be enjoyable and fully fleshed out when released? I doubt it.

Man Eater

I can’t believe I thought this was going to be just a ‘Time waster game’. While the gameplay can be messy and the missions repetitive. There is some pure beauty to Man Eater.

It is carnage. The story follows a shark who wants revenge for the death of her mother. Simple, but oh no! The game places a voice over, like in a documentary or television show. It adds so much charm and comedy to the brutality. The ‘eat to get bigger gameplay’ is beautiful, bigger predators that once fed on you only become useless once you are huge! The game holds no punches back in showing the destruction of the oceans at the hands of humans. It may hide the seriousness of the situation in-jokes, it is painfully obvious what the game is trying to say.

I recommend this game, honestly. Its a beautiful, thoughtful and messy laugh. The story is also well thought out, and works well! I honestly, thought that adding a story to this style of game would be challenging. But the addition of television show style just fitted perfectly, and the evolution of both you and your villain is beautifully done. I love a story that comes full circle and does it well. Surprisingly, this gory and messy game about a shark seeking revenge does just that!

That’s it for his week, but keep your eyes peeled, there is a plethron of content coming!

The boys.

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