The PC Gaming Show was a treat this weekend, showing off some beautiful games that we cannot wait to get our hands on! We got a sneak peek at some rather exciting indie games that we have never seen before. It was an excellent showcase that showed off the unique, weird and colourful games that the indie world is bringing to us. We also got to see some gameplay footage from the mysterious Godfall and a closer look at the fantastic looking rhythm FPS Game Metalhellsinger. Overall, the PC Gaming Show delivered some unique titles that are sure to make my wishlist!

Here are my picks from the show, in no particular order:


Potion brewing has never looked so fun! Playing as the main character Sylvia, along with Owl, you must craft potions that you can sell in your store. I love games in which you run a shop, especially games in which you have to work on your product to get the best for your customers.

However, where Potionomics grabbed me was the card system in which you can use to help Sylvia make sales. As far as I can tell, this is unique. The use of cards to help Sylvia stop for a moment to calm down or to ask her to press the sale is fantastic! The game also boasts with a bright and colourful aesthetic, a world that is full of exciting characters.

Plus the name is just great. Potionomics is just fun to say.

Among Trees

When talking about Among Trees, it’s hard not to mention the word calm and peaceful. Survival games have a base layer of dread and worry about them that, well, keeps you in survival mode. Removing that, Among Trees looks to be a stress-free survival game. Now that’s just from the aesthetics alone, but from the way that you build and decorate your house, the game looks satisfying.

We do see that rather beautiful looking bear wander past in the trailer, so there is a layer of danger… I mean this is a survival game after all. We can’t just be happy in the woods, can we?

I’m not huge on survival games, but this looks too calming and beautiful to pass down. It has entered early access over on the Epic Store, so if this is your thing you can check it out there!


One announcement that got me happy was the Ooblets early access trailer! I mean, what the hell is going on here? There’s a fish with legs, breaking mugs? In all seriousness I have had Ooblets on my radar for some time, it just looks like so much fun!

What draws me in so much about Ooblets is the… without being mean… strange looking creatures that are also stupidly adorable. The fact that your farming and they appear to be helping seems fantastic! I’m excited to play the early access, which seems to be coming this summer on the Epic Games Store and Xbox One. I’ll 100% be checking this one out.

In Sound Mind

A horror game, well… looks like one I’ll make Lloyd play and watch from behind the safety of a pillow. I usually would allow horror games to pass me by with no consideration because I know I won’t play them. But, I have been becoming interested in the narrative and storytelling capabilities of them. Specifically from a psychoanalytical point of view and if we can believe the game will be subverting expectations… I may have to give this a little look.

There is a demo available on steam, so I would check it out if you get a chance… and if you do… fancy telling me if it is too scary? Thanks in advance.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

I have never played the original, and I am regretting that I’ve never heard of Evil Genius! We need more games in which you play the villain. Specifically games like this! What I love about the trailer is that it shows of the character within the game. They use the Over-the-top villains and their super lairs that let’s face it, are unpractical and bring it all to life! Combine that with the ability to select your iconic henchmen to personalise your evil persona, count me in!

Plus, let’s be fair, if you are going to be an Evil genius, you are going to take world dominion with an extremely unrealistic plot… I love it, it’s completely crazy, and I can’t wait to take over the world!


The PC Gaming Show provided us with the first gameplay trailer for Godfall and wow. This game firstly looks beautiful and mysterious, boasting some awesome looking armour, weapons and landscapes. The armour, called Valour plates have what they called unique personalities. Which, going out on a huge limb here, is going to be abilities, passive stats and such.

Combat does look fun, and with the different weapons and abilities the armour gives you, there seems to be a variety in the way you can play. They did mention that there will be a focus on player skill too. Meaning that they will want the player to gain a wide variety of skills in different play styles, it will be interesting to see how this works.

What confuses me is that they are claiming this will be a Looter-shooter… without the shooting. So a hack-and-slash-looter… bit of a mouthful! Although I’m interested, I do like a bit of hack and slash!

The Forgotten City

What started as an incredible mod for Skyrim.which if you’ve visited the mod page on Skyrim, you will 100% have seen this in the top mods.

I have not played it, but I am well aware of how well received it was. The setting and the mystery have me interested, and I wonder how much it can separate itself from the mod and become its own game. A game is created from a mod is not a new situation; it is not specific to the industry. Fanfiction can grow into standalone novels. Creativity has to be inspired, and there are no rules to where it is born. It will be interesting to see how this does when separated from Skyrim

Metal Hellsinger


This game looks incredible! A first-person rhythm shooter sounds like an ambitious combination, but with the gameplay, they show it looks flawless. I never thought my years of training in Guitar Hero would play off in a shooter, but I am more than excited to give this a go. The metal and hell landscapes work so well, and the music looks to amplify what seems to be an insane experience.

The game doesn’t look to punish you too much if you are off beat. More that it rewards you for being on time with what looks like damage multipliers. The world also looks… well… like the cover of any metal album! I love it!

Red Sails

Red sails is exciting as it combines the dangers of the sea with the dangers of the desert. The comparisons between the sea and the desert is not a new thing. Often used in metaphor, but Red sails looks to convert the metaphor into reality.

What attracted me more to this was the use of the stars to guide you, like you would see sailors do. The game is a narrative adventure game in which you rescue people who are stranded in the ocean, the trailer shows, what we can assume to be the bad guys of the game, leaving people in the middle fo the desert to die. There are ruins and bones of ancient civilisation and monster that add to the mystery of the world. We can assume the can will be telling a tale of an ecocritical nature. The idea of surviving in this world is daunting and dehydrating!

The Last Campfire

Last but not least for me on the list is The Last Campfire. I mean, come on, look at the trailer. The game is atmospherically beautiful, and the metaphorical meaning behind the game is also breathtaking.
The Last Campfire will be one of those games that I think will stay with so many people. There is so much charm and meaning to unpack within the trailers alone that I Hope we will be talking about this game for years to come.

I have that much faith in this game… I don’t know why, but I can see this being a huge hit!

And that’s it for me here, there were a lot of announcements during the stream so I’ll place all the link to PC Gamer’s full list below! What was your favourite from the showcase? Mine is a mixture between The Last Campfire and Potionomics, I’m so excited to play them!

Full list of games reveled here:

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