It surely is the announcement period! EA is continuing the big announcements with Skate 4! Also, we got a look at the Starwars: Squadrons gameplay and it looks like it will undoubtedly live up to the hype! EA also sprinkled some smaller surprises within their presentation, such as It takes two and Lost in Random. Overall it was a great showcase with some games we are excited to play!

However, there was not that much within it. There were only a few games announced with fewer being released any time soon! While, I think the content was great, specifically with the smaller games published, it feels like it was half of a presentation… But then again, if we forget this would be E3 timing, short presentations like this throughout the year would be great!

There was a focus on Crossplay which is a good step in the right direction. Crossplay, for me, is essential. With my friends spread amongst all platforms, it is tiring keeping a mental note of who plays on what. Crossplay breaks down the barriers and allows everyone to just enjoy games together, I love it! Along with some HUGE announcements and some gameplay for Star Wars: Squadrons, it was a great showcase!

Apex Legends

Respawn announced some changes and gave a look at a new character within the Apex legends world. The new season 5 had been previously announced, but within the trailer that we saw they gave a closer look as to this seasons theme ‘ Lost Treasures’. Honestly, it has been some time since I’ve played Apex, but with crossplay confirmed I will definitely be checking it out again! There was also an announcement that the game will be releasing on Switch, which is excellent for Switch owners.

The main thing to take form this is crossplay, it is becoming more critical as time goes on and I am happy about that. As stated in the introduction, it is about breaking barriers down, allowing people to just game with their friends regardless of their platform, and I love that.

Personally, I have some significant Joy-con drift, so playing an FPS on my Switch is not going to happen any time soon.

It takes two

It takes two looks to be a narrative-driven platformer game in which we follow two dolls that represent parents who are going to split. Rose, the daughter of this family, creates these dolls who come alive. The game is going to deal with the confusion and the emotions that Rose is going through.

It is interesting how they are portraying the situation through the dolls, and I am interested in playing through it. Though, the director Josef Fares, states that “You are almost playing their emotion. There are even levels where we are making mechanics for their emotions”. I am incredibly interested in how they do this, and I hope that it is as great as he is selling it within the trailer.

I also have to comment on Fares, his excitement and confidence in the game are lovely to see! It is intoxicating, I’m excited I’ll definitely be trying this when it releases.

Lost in Random

We got a little look into a new title called ‘Lost in Random’ which is a narrative-driven game set in the world of Random. The main character is called even, and there is a significant emphasis on randomness and chance.

It appears to be an action-adventure game, and we only got a short look at gameplay, but as we are told, they are a long ways from launch. They have stated it will be sometime next year. While set in a gothic world, that is ruled by an evil dice? The game does have a charm that has me so excited to play and explore this world.

One of the developers stated: “I think we can all relate to the desire to try and control the chaos around us. With Dicey’s help though, Even learns the power of doing just the opposite Embrace Randomness and accept uncertainties in life and you will be surprised just how far it takes you”. Which really got me interested in the game, besides the setting that is! Games often allow us to control the world or at least what we do within the world, I’m 100% interested in how they handle this “randomness/acceptance” of uncertainty. I hope that it is more impactful on the game rather than just an implied theme.

As a huge Neil Gaiman fan, this is 100% down my alley and I can not wait to play it!

Star Wars: Squadrons

So we finally got some gameplay, I was not made excited by the cinematic trailer because well… we got nothing from it! Okay, so, after the gameplay we saw… I’m sold. It looks beautiful and fun to play! The 5v5 gameplay provides an excellent format for more competitive play, there are many different types of ships that specialise in different areas, so it will be interesting to see how the Meta forms around that.

The story mode interests me, the fact that we are going to be playing as two pilots who are on opposite sides of the war interests me. I would love to see some more in-depth characterisation of the Empire pilot, as in the movies they are always just a faceless enemy with no personality of their own. It will be interesting to see how they manage the difference in the motives behind the fights. We know that the Rebels mostly fight out of desperation, I mean they’re never really on the front foot are they? I’m excited to see the characterisations, it’s something that I think was managed well in  Starwars Jedi: Fallen Order and I hope they continue that here.

There is a lot of opportunities they have shown for customisation within the game too. In the trailer, we see examples like a bobblehead in the cockpit and things of that nature. Which, does worry me about “Suprise Mechanics”, but I really don’t think Ea will pull another Battlefront 2 any time soon, well… not as egregious as that attempt anyways.

The game will support Vr throughout the entire experience, which I can imagine will be incredible! We also got a release date! Get ready to take the fight to space on the 2nd October 2020.

Skate 4

This is where I admit it, damn it. I wasn’t a huge fan of skate 3… not that I didn’t like it, I just didn’t play it too much. But I am super happy for the people who are passionate about its return. It’s nice to see a game get produced because the fans are screaming for it, it means that it will be made for the passion and I’m really hoping they deliver for the ones that are so excited for it!

We never got any information about the game. However, it was more of an announcement that it is going to be made.

That was our picks from the EA showcase, what are you most excited about? Personally, I can’t wait for Lost in Random!


    • Yeah, now that you mention it I can see the Tim Burton vibes. Probably the best announcement out of the lot, I’m really excited to play it!


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