First up in my Steam Game Fest preview series has to be GhostRunner from One More Level. A hardcore FPP slasher which requires you to build up momentum to avoid your enemies and slash them down. I got my hands on the free demo last week, the demo only last around about 10 minutes or so but it’s got me excited to get this game later this year.

Developer: One More Level, 3D Realms, Slipgate Ironworks
All In! Games
Hardcore FPP Slasher
Release Date:
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One

Set in a grim cyberpunk world, you a cyborg assassin must ascend tower-city to take on the tyrannical Keymaster. The Dharma Tower is humanity’s last hope at survival, but the Keymaster shows little regard for his subjects and chaos assumes in the fight for resources. The demo takes places during the tutorial phase of the game, where you must escape the prison, presumably at the bottom of this tower. On your way, you must rescue the whisper.

The demo shows off some of the basic skills which are available in GhostRunner you can wall run, jump, slash, dash and even manage to slow time to dodge your enemies. You must combine these skills, to not only slay your enemies but also build up speed. You must always be moving. The enemies can lock onto you, and one-shot means your down, so the stakes are high. The skill in GhostRunner is very much based on your reaction times and choices made under pressure.

The press release states, “As the most advanced blade fighter ever created, you’re always outnumbered, but never outclassed.” This is very much the case, your move set feels flawless, as you can quickly come out of time and slash down your enemies. Despite its frustration, you the player must look around for different ways of taking down the multitude of enemies.

I really enjoy the cyberpunk setting, and GhostRunner has a stunning version of it. Combining it with a slashing game takes it away from the shooters that are typically associated with the genre, makes it something different. While the combat is somewhat akin to what we’ve seen before, it is still enjoyable, and I really enjoyed the sword vs gun take on the cyberpunk world. However, it feels like the sword is used as a ranged weapon, due to the speed of your character.

I’m certainly excited to see what other skills you can have in your arsenal to progress the game. In the demo it is said that your hardware is damaged, so it’s going to be interesting to see what your fully able cyber warrior is capable of.

With further delays to Cyberpunk 2077GhostRunner may be the perfect cyberpunk filler to keep you going till November. With an absolutely stunning setting, some excellent combat and hopefully a phenomenal story, GhostRunner can be one of the top releases of 2020.

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