Oirbo is a 2-D platformer that takes the titular character to a metroidvania-inspired monolithic spacecraft. Which you must explore to discover its secrets and history. I’ve followed the development of this game for sometime via Imagination Overflow’s Instagram and it’s really nice to finally have some gameplay to further increase the anticipation for this game.

Developer: Imagination Overflow
Imagination Overflow
Metroidvania Platformer
Release Date:
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Switch

You are introduced to the titular character, a wonderfully hand-drawn robot who must face the threats of the spacecraft. Oirbo must explore the spacecraft discovering why its such a hostile place and collect upgrades to reach new heights. Each part of Oirbo can be upgraded, with various tools to help you progress. Initially, with his dash and jump, you must find new ways to take down enemies and use the environment to its advantage. The controls in the game are well mapped and pretty easy to get used to with few interactions. I’m expecting more buttons to be used in the full game as you earn upgrades.

Upgrade panel of the menu

You really get the feeling of weightlessness in Oirbo as when you jump you will slowly come down, giving you plenty of time to change the direction or alter your jump. Although this makes platform jumping easier, fast-moving enemies can be slightly tricky to land on top of, especially when dealing with multiple.

Most of the enemies are presented as obstacles or part of puzzles rather than actively aggressive in the game, making you think about how to interact with them and how they can benefit you in your progression. There’s one particular AI that got me a bit excited. A couple of minutes into the game, you are met with hornet-designed robots who harmlessly float around the platforms. However, once one is attacked, you are chased by a swarm until you can find cover. I thought this was a charming touch.

The health system ĺThe health system can be easily exploited by continually respawning enemies as they offer you a bar of health upon their destruction. There were many times I was caught farming to refill my health gauge. With the layout of the health bar, it would be interesting to see whether Imagination Overflow intends health to disappear between checkpoints when three bars are lost permanently. This would certainly add another level of difficulty to the game. These checkpoints are few and far between which again adds to the challenge of the game. Upon losing all health, you are respawned at one of these mechanical repair points.

Oirbo is undoubtedly an exciting and beautifully hand-drawn game. There is a particular element of cuteness to the game that seems shrouded in mystery as you travel through the spacecraft. With some attractive AI designs and some challenging puzzles, I think Oirbo could be an excellent game, and I’m excited about the full release. I am certainly excited when this hits Xbox, Switch and Steam soon. You can follow Imagination Overflow on Instagram and Facebook to keep updated.


  1. Hi! Thanks for the review, we’re so glad you liked the preview! We’re excited to showcase the full game coming soon!

    I’m the artist on the game so it’s really nice to hear that you found the art interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey man, sorry been away from the website for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to seeing the full game.

      Absolutely love the style and some on the places on the ship you’ve designed look incredible!


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