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Pokemon Sword & Shield: Update

It’s been a while since we’ve given our thoughts on the latest addition to the Pokemon series. Gym leaders, as well as Pokemon are now exclusive dependent on the version of the game get. If you own Sword you will face Bea who prefers fighting type, whilst those who own Shield will fight the creepy looking Allister, who has Ghost […]

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Outer Wilds Review

The Outer Wilds allows you to stumble across the deepest and darkest corners of a solar system. You play as an unnamed astronaut who awakes at the bottom of his launch pad, he is tasked to explore the solar system until the Sun suddenly implodes 22 minutes.

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The Plague Tales: Innocence Review

Game: The Plague tales: InnocenceDeveloper: Asobo studiosPlatform (AVAILABLE on): xbox one (PS4, PC) The Plague Tales: Innocence follows Amecia and Hugo De Rune traversing through the plague-ridden French countryside in 1348. The De Rune children are on the run from the Inquisition, who have murdered their family and are now looking to capture Hugo for reasons unknown. The Plague Tales […]

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Vampyr: Thoughts so far?

A doctor, specializing in blood transfusions turned Vampire – the irony – but one hell of a good setup for a game and story. As someone who has taken an oath to save lives, now must take lives in order to live and grow stronger. Vampyr takes place in a Gothic, industrial London in 1918, the perfect setting for a […]

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Never Alone (Kisima Innitchuna) Review

Never Alone is a truly unique Puzzle-Platformer game, offering a more educational front as well as challenging. You play as Nuna and her Arctic Fox companion, traversing through the treacherous landscape of Alaska. Relying on each other skills you must solve a number of harsh natural challenges, as well as spiritual. You can play co-op with your mates or you […]

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We Happy Few: Thoughts so far?

We Happy Few was one of those games that just instantly grabbed my eye when I saw the trailer earlier this year. The groovy art style, the brights colours and the awesome music that contradicted the dark feeling to the game, just ticked the boxes. Also, I really like the concept. A dystopian take on 1960s Britain, where they lost […]

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Monster Hunter World Review

Back in January 2018, Capcom released Monster Hunter World. But a recent urge to hunt some creature brought me back to the game since I last played back in the early months of 2018. I’d be playing the franchise since the old days of PSP addition, Monster Hunter: Freedom 2. So when there was a version coming to the next-gen […]

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Super Mario Odyssey Review

Sigh… Princess Peach has been kidnapped again… When I eventually broke and bought my Switch last month, I had to buy a Mario game to complement my prized possession. When the story eventually kicks off, Peach is kidnapped by Bowser, your hat damaged beyond repair and you’re launched to the Cap Kingdom. Here you meet your future companion, Cappy, whose […]