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Welcome Back Spartan – Halo Reach

Welcome back to Reach, Spartan. If you have not played Reach and care about the story, then I will warn you, there will be spoilers. My central console growing up was the Xbox 360. I did play PlayStation 1&2 and countless Nintendo consoles, but the 360 was always something special to me. It gave me access to worlds like¬†Assassins Creed,¬†The […]

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Road to 70k: March Review

Hi everyone, it only feels like yesterday I was catching you all up on my February review! But i’m back with a slightly lower score than last time. My month in gaming has been split into two sides, chaotic and peaceful. Sometimes it is funny the difference in the games that you play; being a player of many genres means […]

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Curing my sweet tooth with Viva Pinata

Easter is coming up and whilst Animal crossing now has its event running, it got me thinking about the holiday in relation to gaming. For many, myself included, Easter has become a time where sweets and chocolate thrive! It led me to think about the games that I would personally link to the holiday and what I tend to play […]

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Ultimate Control in Management Sims

With the lock down in place I’ve had a bit more chance to play some games and have a think of how they effect me in certain situations. These aren’t the type of articles I normally post but having some time to reflect I thought it was time I gave this a crack. Management Sims are my go-to choice of […]

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Road to 70k: February Review

Hi everyone! This one is a bit delayed so apologies about that! But February was a really good month in terms of gaming! Even though I have not been writing, I have been gaming where I can, mostly during breaks with university work/real life work. During those breaks I was able to rack up a total of 3,665 Gamer score, […]

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Escaping into a virtual world

Doing some research before this post, I found that escapism is a subject that really splits people. I am not commenting if that it is good/bad, I am simply exploring the games that allow me to escape within them. I find, as a creative writer and student, that escaping for a brief moment allows me to gain clarity on situations […]

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Road to 70k: The Catch-up

Hi everyone! The new decade has rolled in and I am still well aware of my goal. I am looking to be on track, despite both the busyness over the holidays and Uni work. But I have to catch up on the blog and fill everyone in with where I am, I did miss November, so this blog will be […]

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UnCapt Top 10 game of the decades

Hello everyone, after our Christmas break, we’re back at the beginning of our decade, to talk about our most influential games of the tens, tenners, tenties? (Wait, what do you call it?). We’ve sat down and put our heads together and thought about the past ten years, and here’s our top 10. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Elder Scrolls […]

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Bringing Videogames to the Classroom.

Walking through the forest, I see the house. Deformed and old, it stands over the forest with a troubling hunger. I sense the curse before I even discover it was real, the woods suppress the secrets the wind wants to tell. I could feel the wind begging me not to take a step further, urging me to stop because I […]

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Road to 70K: October Review

Hi everyone! It’s that time of the month again where I look back and see how I’ve done in regards to my 70,000 Gamerscore goal. Unfortunately, for my gamerscore, it’s been a busy month. With EGX, University and work, gaming has taken a back seat again, I’ve not been able to hit my goal this month. During October, I reached […]

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Road to 70k: September Review

Hi everyone, I hope you’re well! Its that time of the month again where I take a look at the games I’ve been playing and how my gamerscore is looking as I reach for my goal of 70,000. Firstly, a little mistake from last time, I actually made the August review before the month had ended and naturally, I earned […]

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Spectator or player?

In an era where E-sports and Let’s Plays rule, where streaming services like youtube and Twitch are household names, you have to think, do you get our gaming fix only from gaming? I’m not sure that I’ve mentioned this on the blog before, but I love youtube and consume more media from youtube than probably any other site! I tend […]