Game Reviews

Creature in the Well

Creature in the Well is a fun, fresh and energetic take on dungeon crawlers, taking inspiration from pinball games, Flight School Studios have taken the puzzles that haunt dungeons crawlers and turned them into something truly unique. You’ll never have a play a game like this.

Star Wars: Fallen Jedi

Fallen Jedi is a game that has been highly anticipated by many Star Wars fans. The game takes place following the events of Revenge of the Sith, it seems this Respawns attempt to fill the gap in Star Wars lore…

Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo is Frontier‘s latest construction and management simulation game, that allows you to take control of your own zoo … More

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is the spirtual sequel to Fallout: New Vegas and Obisidian have done it again. You take on the Corporate board that run the Halycon Colonies, as they derive the colonists of their last pieces of humanity.

SNES Classics: Star Fox

Star Fox, the original in Franchise, released in 1993. A rail shooter, where you take control of Fox McCLoud’s aircraft … More