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ReCapt Weekly

Hi everyone!  Its been a strange week. Both of us have returned to work, and it has been a weird experience. Dale has finally got himself a PC, so he is now spending every last penny he has on games. Lloyd has been running through his backlog and avoiding university work, procrastinating as usual! Everything on the site will be […]

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ReCapt Weekly

Hi everyone! This week has been again a little slow for both of us at UnCapt. Dale has just handed in his dissertation so has taken a short break from doing much. While Lloyd is again driving through the rest of his assignments. We’ve both been playing a lot of Legends of Runeterra and some Overwatch to keep us busy. […]

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VirtuaVerse Review

It is isn’t every day you stumble onto a click-and-point adventure game in the modern world, and it’s not very often I get one I enjoy. But thanks to I managed to get my hands on VirtuaVerse. I’m glad I did, this kept me engrossed for hours with its stunning cyberpunk backdrops and thought-provoking puzzles. Developer: Theta DivisionPublisher: Blood MusicPlatforms: […]

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Weekly Round-up

Hello everyone! We hope you’re staying safe, well and using your time to destroy your backlog. We wish we could say we are, but, we’ve started playing Overwatch again… so… our backlog stays the same. Lloyd has returned to the game fresh, and we’ve both been grinding to get him to level 25, so he can play in the ranked […]

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Inside Xbox May Round Up

Yesterday Inside Xbox held a conference in which they showcased gameplay on the next-gen Xbox Series X. Now, there was a little misjudgement on their end with what gameplay was. But we did get some exciting announcements, and the graphics and capabilities of the Xbox series X look outstanding. The ray Tracing stood out to us both, and we fell […]

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Control Review

Control is a third-person supernatural action-adventure game that explores the secretive agency, Control. Created by Remedy Entertainment, the game follows the story of Jesse Faden and her search for answers. When Jesse was a child, her town, Ordinary, was erased from existence by the agency. Along with a supernatural entity within her mind, Polaris, we search the building for answers. […]

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Weekly Round Up

Hi everyone!  Its been a rather slow week for both of us at UnCapt, with the dreadful assignment period looming over both our heads, it’s a crazy that we’re both still playing games.  The first bit of news from us is that we finally got a proper logo! No more of that old rubbish logo created on a free site […]

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Achievement Unlocked: 70k

So finally it is done.  Back in August, I set myself a target to increase my Gamerscore, which was sat ar around 41,000. I wanted to challenge myself and set the bar to reach 70,000 by the following August, safe to say that the time frame was more than generous. Hitting my target within April, I sat back to look […]

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ScourgeBringer Preview

The deadliest warrior of her clan: Khyra needs help finding a way to redeem the humanity, you help her slash her way through ancient machines that guard the seal to her past as she explores the depths of the unknown. ScourgeBringer is a fast-paced free-moving rougelite platformer that gives the raw feeling of a metroidvania. This has some of the […]

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UnCapts 100th post

Hello everyone! We have been trying to figure out the best way to celebrate this occasion. What may seem small to a lot of people, for us at UnCapt this is quite the achievement. We’re quite the jumpers when it comes to hobbies or interests, so sticking to something for this long is remarkable! Gaming has been a part of our lives since as long as we can remember, so it is only natural that this is something that we work on together. But more importantly we wanted to thank everyone that reads and shares our posts! We a truly grateful! We thought about what to do for this; we played with a few ideas. It was a difficult one, […]

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Welcome Back Spartan – Halo Reach

Welcome back to Reach, Spartan. If you have not played Reach and care about the story, then I will warn you, there will be spoilers. My central console growing up was the Xbox 360. I did play PlayStation 1&2 and countless Nintendo consoles, but the 360 was always something special to me. It gave me access to worlds like¬†Assassins Creed,¬†The […]

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Real Neat Blog Award

First of all big thanks to Kelly from Why We Play Games for the Real Neat Blog Award! Much love going your way and anyone reading, it would be awesome if you could go and chuck her a follow and check out some of her blogs. Rules Display the logo Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their […]

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Backlog Lockdown: Wolfenstein New Order Review

Wolfenstein has been one of those games that I started playing “back in the day” but just struggled to get past the first couple of missions for whatever reason. I’m a bit of a history buff, so anything in the past gets me interested, and the direction MachineGames and previously Raven Studio’s ‘re-imagining’ of the series provided a ‘what if’ scenario. […]

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NieR Automata: Become as God Review

From above, an alien army of robots come to destroy humankind. In an attempt to survive humans retreat to the moon and in desperation to take back Earth, they create YORHA. Stationed on the Bunker, YoRHa Units are androids whose purpose is to reclaim Earth in battle. Equipped with a small AI Companion referred to as a pod, 2B charges […]